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Dear restaurant- & café owner

You're the steak expert, you know your coffee blends and your walk-in wine closet is toptuned, you just need that last thing in your decor that makes all the difference on the big gastro scene...?

So look around in our webshop or visit our showroom. Here you can experience a wide range of interior products that signals caring, innovation and personality. You will be able to sense an atmospheric, rustic and unique style - always with functionality in mind.

"We are super happy with the look and style we have created in the distillery. The furniture from Trademark Living has provided exactly the atmosphere we hoped for."

Trademark Living is not a new acquaintance for Pernille Lundgaard, who is one-half of the owners behind Marskdestilleriet on Rømø. Therefore, she had no doubt that she would find the missing furniture for the new distillery's interior design there.

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”I fell head over heels in love with the combination of natural materials, vintage style, cool furniture, and the radiance of quality.” 

Alexandra Stein talks about her first encounter with Trademark Living at the Nordstil fair in Hamburg in 2022. A meeting which, among other things, gave Alexandra, her first Wow moment in the store café, and which means that she now sells small and larger furniture to private customers in addition to utility items and delicacies in the store section. 

Read on to find out how this fits together.

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Interview with the entrepreneur behind North Jutland's new attraction.

"I saw that Trademark Living has a flair for interior design and luckily they were able to take care of decorating the restaurant and ceramics workshop."

Kim Godiksen talks about one of his latest major projects, a large event area with a café and ceramics workshop and with many opportunities to actively do something with friends and family. Kim has chosen to entrust Trademark Living with the interior design of the café, bar, and ceramics workshop.

Read here and be inspired for your next project.

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Interview with the entrepreneur and owner of Volleshave farm shop

"Trademark Living's furniture fits in perfectly with our farm shop concept with restaurant service"

When Henrik Mensch and his team at Volleshave farm shop first came across Trademark Living at the Formland trade fair in Herning in the summer of 2021, they could finally move forward with the idea of transforming the previous wine shop into a farm shop concept with a food and takeaway service. 

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Warm atmosphere with an industrial twist

"Ahmet didn’t anticipate such a big change at all, but he was very excited about the result." 

Helena Magnusson proudly talks about her latest project, in which warm tones, industrial details and leather chairs define the style. A complete renovation of Pizzeria Luna in the Swedish hometown of Borlänge. Helena was responsible for the whole project, including developing ideas, buying furniture, and hiring painters. Please take a look at the result of her work and get inspired for your next interior design project.

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»An awesome industrial style at a price everyone can afford«. 

The restaurateurs Maiken and Christophe Daura were looking for a mix of cozy and raw inventory for their second French café “Café Noisette”, situated in Skanderborg. The couple had run a café and restaurant for 15 years in Horsens, so they knew what they wanted. Maiken and Christophe were therefore sure that they had found their right restaurant furniture supplier when they saw Trademark Living's selection at the FoodExpo fair in Herning.  

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restaurant furniture

Dreams come true!

We don’t know about you, but when we go out, we pay almost as much attention to the decor as to what we consume.

How about giving your guests the ultimate experience of entertainment in cool surroundings with an attitude that completes the day or event?

People regularly ask us about the ‘recipe’ for a pleasant atmosphere! A darn good advice is to express and create individuality. The best way to ensure that your establishment reflects your personal style is by mixing new with old and beautiful with worn. We have ideas you can steal!

Our restaurant furniture supply includes a varied selection of choices for your needs! With several comfortable and stylish options to choose from, we’re sure to have what will complement the theme of your business.

Mix and match our different tabletops and bases to find the best combination for your type of dining facility. Create your ultimate socializing and mingling surroundings for your guests by choosing from our bar-height restaurant chairs and tables, or check out our funny accessories, which will create a unique look for sure!


The bar's open

Make your next party or event one to remember by creating your own bar.
Do you want a big bar, small bar, sports bar or cocktail bar, - only the sky’s the limit.

By “designing” your own bar, you make a unique and personal experience for your audience. Mix and match it with our various range of bar stools, lamps and tailored bar items so no matter if you’re located downtown, uptown or in the suburbs…your bar will be the place to be!

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