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Trademark living leaves DNA imprints 

The past, present and future meet in this minimalistic and humanistic expression. There is room left for the viewer's own interpretation, experience and reflection. Trademark Living has created a recognizable visual identity.

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We have this thing for interior...

Especially the raw industrial and hunting for vintage kind of interior.
We don’t love Trademark Living treasures because we sell them. We sell them, because we love them! Always learning, trying, dreaming big and enjoying the small stuff, we create pure happiness through kick-ass interior solutions. A fresh perspective, a recipe for innovation and a commitment to connection, we at Trademark Living are driven by a living curiosity and generosity. 
 Life is better when there is a little bit of Trademark Living in it!

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Dear restaurant- & 
café owner

You have control of the steaks, a good grasp on the coffee blends and have toptuned your walk-in wine closet, and just missing that last thing in your decor that makes all the difference on the big scene of gastro...?

So look around in our webshop or visit our showroom. Here you can experience a wide range of interior products that signals caring, innovation and personality. You will be able to sense an atmospheric, rustic and unique style - always with functionality in mind.

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