Come visit our showroom

Come and visit our inspiring showroom. It is one thing to look at a homepage, another is to experience and feel with your hands!

When you step into our showroom and you will enter a whole new world, more like a busy marketplace. Cosy nooks - whispering of times long gone -welcome you alongside practical furnishing in tune with vintage industrial design. All our items make a statement and express personality, whether it is a lamp, new/upcycled furniture or accessories. We simply love items that tell a story – for us it’s a passion.

We’ll gladly help if you need someone to exchange ideas with, or even a whole new setup for your business. Compare and combine to your hearts content, feel the different textures, get new ideas for decorating your premises and take it with you on the spot.
Our showroom is open during our normal office hours. Please call before you visit so you don’t drive in vain, and we are able to provide the time necessary to give you the attention and service you deserve.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Phone: +45 70 24 16 44

Business hours: 
Monday - Thursday 9 a.m - 3.30 p.m
Friday 9 a.m - 3 p.m

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Furniture, you need to feel with your hands


500 inspiring square meters in Skanderborg

Feel free to explore, touch and ‘play’ - let’s do magic together!