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Organize your perfect wardrobe

At Trademark Living, you’ll find a wide selection of everything you need for storage of outerwear, dresses, or other clothing, adding a quirky and trendy twist to the interior design of your clothing store, business, or home.
If you need a contemporary clothes rack made of iron and wood, an industrial clothes rack made of water pipes, an iron coat stand for your entrance hall, upcycled coat racks, raw iron hooks, hooks with a factory look, nails, rustic and round iron clothes hangers, or raw mirrors, you can find it here with us.

Clothes racks

An industrial clothes rack by Trademark Living is an inviting and practical way to store clothes and shoes. The rustic, minimalist clothes racks are made of iron and iron pipes with a patina. Several versions are on wheels and are very suitable for displaying clothes in shops, at trade fairs or exhibitions. Several of the contemporary clothes racks have one or more wall racks, which makes it possible to store more than clothes on the rack; for example, the wall racks are perfect for storage of shoes or storage boxes for small items.
Trademark Living’s clothes racks are available in varying widths from 50 cm to 168 cm.


Hooks are a practical and simple storage solution, where you can utilize even the smallest section of wall space, and hang clothes, jackets, accessories, or decorations on single hooks. Some of our hooks have an antique look and others are more industrial. Others again are made in exciting and fun shapes, or authentic old objects have been turned into hooks, such as old taps or measuring units – with unique hooks by Trademark Living, even a tiny detail like a hook makes a difference. The range includes marble, iron, and leather hooks.

Coat racks

If you’re looking for a coat rack that’s as practical as it is interesting to look at, the obvious choice is an upcycled coat rack by Trademark Living. Our range of wardrobe coat racks includes various authentic old items, upcycled as practical, one-of-a-kind products. If your décor could do with a coat rack that’s unique and steals the limelight, you can choose upcycled bicycle chains or bicycle handlebars, little taps or lasts, which will guarantee a unique and personal element for your wardrobe.

Clothes hangers

Trademark Living has clothes hangers that will fit your wardrobe, but which are also ideal for hanging on display, for example on one of our clothes racks. Our round clothes hangers in either antique brass or iron are suitable for hanging freely on display, for example to display or air a throw or a scarf.


You can always find a rustic mirror to suit your décor in Trademark Living’s selection of mirrors. A mirror is a fantastic addition to most spaces, such as your bathroom, hallway, wardrobe, or bedroom. Here, the mirror works both and as an interesting eye-catcher, giving the room an extra detail with its raw, minimalist look. Our range of mirrors includes both floor mirrors and raw wall mirrors with wooden, iron or leather frames. Our round mirrors can serve as a decoration in their own right, for example if you choose to hang more than one mirror next to each other. 

Find your raw New Yorker clothes rack or upcycled coat rack at Trademark Living

Finally, an intelligent, decorative, and trendy way to store your clothes. Our coat racks, hooks and rustic clothes racks come in all imaginable shapes and materials and are an effortless way to add a slight edge to your décor but, best of all, this spells the end of tiresome, wrinkled accessories and clothes.
Fancy seeing for yourself our large assortment of beautiful stands, raw mirrors and coat racks for your wardrobe or entrance hall? If so, remember we have a 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before visiting to avoid disappointment, and so that we’ll be able to give you the time and attention you need.
If you are a personal customer who has fallen in love with our attractive, raw wardrobe racks or mirrors, search here to find a retailer near you.