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Use platters and trays as an organizer

If you want to keep an overview of your small loose items, choose a nice tray or platter that can act as an organizer for all those things that don’t have a place of their own. You can e.g., collect your jars, perfumes, and small bowls of jewelery in a marble tray in your bathroom, your spices and oils in a metal tray in the kitchen, or create a beautiful still life on a decorative platter with candlesticks, figures and vases in your living room.

Rustic multipurpose wooden trays

What is completely unique about Trademark Living's selection of wooden trays is that they have all been used for other purposes in the past. The wooden trays are easy to use for decoration, for storage or as a completely unique side table.

The wooden trays are available in both small and large sizes. E.g., use the smaller ones for pillar candles or trinkets, and the large ones placed on a stand or a stack of books and then you have a completely unique 2-in-1 side table and tray.

If you choose to use the wooden trays for storage, they can store books, magazines, blankets and cushions, oils, and spices in the kitchen, or jewelery and perfumes in the bathroom.

You can also embrace the latest new trend of placing a tray against the wall or use one or more wooden dishes on the wall instead of a more classic painting or poster.

The magic trays

Trademark Living has a favorite trick when it comes to decorating any room, and that's to collect pretty knick-knacks in a tray. This trick works in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, on your nightstand, or in your hallway. We would even go so far as to say, "Put a tray in every room". In addition to your styling being up to date, it's just an extra advantage that it also makes cleaning easier, as you only must take away one tray instead of lots of small items.

Serving trays so amazing you don't want to hide them

If you have shelves in your kitchen, leave a unique serving tray ready with your favorite mugs, a couple of plates, a bowl for snacks, a bottle of coffee syrup, a couple of cloth napkins and a nice vase. Then you are ready if you have guests, or when the family wants to enjoy coffee.

You can also just leave your serving trays up against the wall in your kitchen behind your cutting boards. Trademark Living's metal serving trays will add a rustic feel to your decor.

All year decorative platters

If you like more rustic decorations, a unique wooden tray or an iron tray would be a perfect solution as a decorative platter. Trademark Living's wooden trays are perfect as a base for decorations of all sizes. Decorations used to be used almost exclusively around Christmas, but it has now become a trend to use wooden trays for decorations all year round.

Add some glam with a mirror tray

Trademark Living's versions of mirror trays have a simple and rustic look with a mirror in a plain, raw iron frame. Mirror trays are fantastic when you want an exclusive glam look, as the mirror highlights the things you place on it in the most beautiful way.

Old bread pans – a rustic storage solution

Old rustic bread pans with a beautiful patina can serve as a fantastic storage solution. E.g., you can use them both in your home or in the restaurant for storing cutlery. They are also absolutely fantastic to use to separate small knick-knacks or office supplies in the home office or in your interior design shop. In any home that has a rustic style, the old bread pans can act as storage for spices, oils, keys, creams, and practically all your loose items.