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One of a Kind recycled interior and raw unique furniture with patina

In our One of a Kind universe you will find handpicked recycled interiors, all of which are carefully selected - there is only one of each. The furniture, which is handpicked in India, has soul and each their personality. They have all lived a long life and each has their unique story, reflected in the authentic patina and the original old style.

One of a Kind is recycled with an edge in raw and natural materials, and the range is constantly changing - you must act quickly and dare to take a chance if you want to own a One of a Kind product.

Unique decoration

Trademark Living's One of a Kind decorations are full of patina and have a rustic style. You can choose a decoration that is exactly the size that is obvious in your home. Choose an old Indian tuktuk if you want an element of the decor that will greatly attract attention. A large decoration is obvious as an eye-catcher in a restaurant or café. If you want a smaller decoration, there is plenty of opportunity to choose an original Indian stone figure of Ganesha or Budha, an old anchor, or an old tin sign. There are decorations for everyone who loves vintage and rustic products. If you are looking for a very special wall decoration, you can choose a Bollywood poster that exudes adventure and mystery.

Carved old wooden figures

If you are looking for a wooden decorative figure for your decor, it is obvious to choose a One of a Kind wooden figure from Trademark Living. All our wooden figures are unique and originally old. The figures are available in different sizes, colors and finishes, and each with their own personality and unique expression. If you want a wooden figure that really stands out and attracts attention, you can choose a tall wooden figure of 120 cm, which is authentic, original old and cozy. Trademark Living's small Indian wooden figures and carved masks with patina fit into most homes, and will surely bring out the smile and bring a good mood.

Old patinated display cabinets

With a display cabinet from Trademark Living, you can elegantly display or store tableware, books or trinkets in a beautiful way. Our One of a Kind display cabinets are available in different styles, with and without glass, and in different materials such as wood and iron. The display cabinets are all original old and stand out with the peeling paint and the patinated look, which brings a rusticity into your decor.

A display cabinet is obvious in most rooms, where you want more space for storage - you can just as well store your belongings in an aesthetic and modern way, which at the same time attracts attention.

Old patinated cabinets

Highlight your trinkets in a raw and original old cabinet from Trademark Living. Each One of a Kind wooden cabinet is unique and exudes an interesting rusticity. The cabinets are available in different styles and colors, for example, you can choose a dusty green or dusty blue wooden cabinet with peeling paint. Each wooden cabinet is completely its own, and it is exciting to select the very special cabinet that matches your personality and unique taste.

Old barrels and toolboxes

If you are looking for unique interiors for your decor, it is obvious to choose an old rustic barrel with fine details and a distinctive expression. Trademark Living's One of a Kind barrels in iron are between 83 cm and 95 cm high, and are all different from each other with their different decorations and finishes. You can use the barrels as a decorative element in your décor. You can also use them to store and hide toys, bedding or the like.

If you are looking for a smaller decorative item in the same industrial style, you can choose an old toolbox with worn patina. In an original old One of a Kind toolbox, you can store small items such as sewing gear or other hobby items.

Iron cabinets and retro lockers

The industrial interior design style is modern and interesting, and a cool and masculine iron cabinet fits perfectly into this particular style. The rustic One of a Kind iron cabinets from Trademark Living are unique, and stand out from each other by varying in color and finish. Some of the iron cabinets are matte, others are shiny, and still others have mirrors on the doors. An iron cabinet, iron cabinet or locker is filled with uniqueness and personality and will greatly attract positive attention in your home.

Old doors & gates

Emphasize your personal style with a cool One of a Kind door or gate from Trademark Living that breaks up the decor and gives it its very own look. The original old gates and doors are very different and are made primarily of iron and wood. The gates and doors give a great look with their original old Indian style with decorations, glass panes and peeling paint. The selection of folding doors can use style to divide the space, to create an extra element to cozy. The gates and doors can be used as a unique wall decoration in a raw old retro look.

Raw industrial floor lamps and old ship floodlights

At Trademark Living, the One of a Kind floor lamps, in addition to being practical, are small works of art in themselves. Our floor lamps have an industrial and raw look, and several of the floor lamps are huge and eye-catching. For example, the range originally contains old ship floodlights and ship lamps. For you who want a raw decor in an industrial style, a large searchlight lamp from an old ship is super cool. The ship projector requires a lot of space but is industrial design at its best.

Old pots

If you want to decorate your home, office, restaurant, café or clinic in a cozy way, you can choose a One of a Kind jar from Trademark Living. Our jars vary in size and materials, so you have the opportunity to choose exactly the jar that suits you. The jars from Trademark Living are originally old and they add a special ambiance and atmosphere to your decor.

Experience One of a Kind products at Trademark Living

If you want to see and experience our large and changing range of unique One of a Kind products, you are always welcome to visit our 500 m2 B2B showroom in Skanderborg, if you are a dealer or self-employed. Please call before visiting +45 70 24 16 44, so you avoid driving in vain, and so we have the opportunity to give you the time and attention needed.