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Smart, decorative storage by Trademark Living

Forget the pin-neat home and take a cool approach to being messy to show that you have the time and energy to live life to the full! Produce creative, authentic clutter, and spruce up your rooms with unconventional storage solutions, large and small – which will also be a feast to the eye.

Storage boxes and baskets

Storage boxes and baskets by Trademark Living are a practical, inviting way to store belongings large and small. The range includes wooden and iron products of different styles, all rustic and one of a kind.
A perforated iron storage box can grace your office or kitchen. The storage boxes are available in white or blue and their old-fashioned styling fits perfectly into a contemporary interior.
Wooden boxes by Trademark Living with beautiful details provide perfect storage. The wooden boxes are different, and you’re guaranteed to be able to find one that suits your décor – whether you want a worn look, or something genuinely old, or with a printed logo.
The old wooden brick moulds are genuinely old and patinated. The brick moulds can be used for storage of products in the bathroom, for spices in the kitchen and can also be decorated with plants.

Various boxes

A box or crate with a lid is handy when you need to store items large or small that you want to keep. Boxes by Trademark Living ensure that storage is much more than storage – it’s an aesthetic addition to your décor. Some of our boxes have an antique look; others are more rustic and even industrial. The boxes are made of varying materials, so you can choose boxes in a range of materials from marble to wood or metal.
Choose a vintage wooden box with carvings if you want a beautiful little patinated wood box. Originally, Indian “tikka boxes” were used as storage for the red pigment powder used to place a dot on the forehead as a social or religious symbol.
If you want another stand-out piece for your décor, you can choose an old barrel with a lid. The barrels vary in size from 75 cm to 95 cm tall, and several of them are one of a kind, which means the barrel is unique and specially selected.


If you’re looking for a way to highlight knick-knacks, or perhaps items for your business, showcases, glass bells and glass domes by Trademark Living are the ideal solution. The range includes showcases in different sizes, so you can display items large and small while avoiding having too large a showcase for your display. You can choose display cases with a wooden frame or an iron frame. Our superb glass domes on a wooden base or metal base can be used to display flowers or decorations and, if you choose a dome with a hole in the top, you can even let the dome highlight lighted candles.
With use a Trademark Living showcase to present your decorations or goods beautifully, with an elegant look.

Various storage

We all know the need to control the clutter of everyday life that needs to be kept out of the way. Trademark Living’s has a selection of various storage options, such as a magazine holder in iron as well as old zinc buckets for e.g. your rugs, which turn clutter into a cool and rustic decor element. 

When you need to keep kitchen or bathroom waste under control, or store laundry, toys or teddies, a pedal bin is an obvious choice that will fit into most people’s décor. Trademark Living pedal bins are available in different sizes, and vary in height from 35 cm – 60 cm. The buckets are made of iron with either a shiny finish or copper colour.

Find rustic, smart storage solutions at Trademark Living

Fancy seeing and experiencing our large range of storage boxes, crates and baskets? Then come and visit our 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg, where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before +45 7024 1644 before visiting to avoid disappointment so we’ll be able to give you the time and attention you need.
If you’re a personal customer who has fallen in love with our smart storage solutions, search here to find a retailer near you.