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Choose a wooden chopping board

Never underestimate the importance of a chopping board when cooking. A kitchen is not complete without at least a couple of chopping boards, so you can cut and chop to your heart's content when cooking. Trademark Living's chopping boards are all made of wood, as the weight of the wood provides more stability than a thin plastic chopping board. A wooden chopping board requires a little more maintenance, as the wood doesn’t benefit from being washed in the dishwasher and should preferably be treated with oil from time to time. On the other hand, a wooden chopping board can last for many years, as scratches and scuffs can be sanded away with sandpaper, so you always have a nice, smooth surface to work with.

Lift your presentation with a nice charcuterie board

Whose mouth doesn’t water at the sight of a nice charcuterie board filled with cheeses, hams, sausages, pesto, olives etc.? Take your tapas presentation to the next level and treat eyes, taste buds and nose to one of our beautiful, round or elongated charcuterie boards in wood or marble.

Dinner setting and side dishes are part of the experience

A good meal is about much more than just the ingredients. If you want the dining experience to be special, then the visual presentation should tease the senses just as much as the food itself. At Trademark Living, we sell everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere in the dining room, restaurant or café. Combine our rustic chopping boards, charcuterie boards and table protectors with fine candle holders, dishes, placemats and other dinner setting items to complete the experience.