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A beautiful bowl can really add the finishing touch.

Are you planning a party, to invite guests or do you just want to give the table a little more attention in everyday life?

Whatever the reason, beautiful bowls are often an important component of a well-set table. And in addition to beautiful plates, glasses and cutlery, the proper bowls also ensure the right atmosphere on the perfectly set dining table. For example, use a nice little marble bowl for snacks or a rustic wooden bowl for bread.

Create a great atmosphere with a unique decorative bowl

Almost all of Trademark Living's range of bowls are completely or partially handmade. So, whether you need a large or small decorative bowl, you can be sure that it is unique. The slightly large dough bowls can serve as the basis for a magnificent decoration on a large table or placed on the floor. The different marble bowls can be used with one or more beautiful pillar candles. After that, you decide for yourself how much decoration you want to add, and the same applies for the beautiful handmade wooden bowls. Now your only problem is which decorative bowl to choose. 

Looking for a unique fruit bowl?

Trademark Living's selection of bowls offers several sizes of bowls in both marble and wood, which can be used as a fantastically beautiful and unique rustic fruit bowl.

As you know, marble is a natural product with different structures and lines, and therefore no two bowls are exactly alike. You will therefore get a fruit bowl which is completely unique. The same applies to the wooden bowls, which are all handmade and several of which have been used for other purposes in India.

Great selection of beautiful wooden bowls

Most wooden bowls are used bowls from India, which have been thoroughly cleaned and possibly repaired. The wooden bowls have many uses. Some can be used as flowerpots (however, please use an insert), others for storing trinkets, and many of the wooden bowls will be beautiful to use for a rustic decoration or simply as a beautiful wooden bowl.