Distillery Dream on Rømø

On Rømø in the Danish Wadden Sea..., actually, you just have to cross the Rømødæmningen and then turn left..., there you will find Marskdestilleriet.

A true gem of a distillery. With views directly out to the Wadden Sea and surrounded by the fantastic and raw nature that Rømø offers.

Not so long ago, the old grocery store was located here, but today Hans and Pernille have taken over the buildings and made their dream come true. The new distillery, Marskdestilleriet, has just opened for the summer, and the couple is excited to show off the new premises.

Hans’ vibrant drops

Hans, who is behind the brewing of the fine drops, is a hardcore enthusiast when it comes to finding the right flavours for gin, rum, and whisky. Among other things, he takes advantage of Rømø's special climate and soil in the whisky ageing process. This is achieved by allowing the salty sea air to circulate the barrels where the whisky is aged.

Hans himself calls the distillery production "vibrant drops" as a tribute to Rømø's harsh landscape and the meeting of sea and land.

Nature is incorporated into the café design

On the other hand, Pernille is consistent with the style when it comes to interior design. When the couple took over the old grocery store on the island, they faced a major interior design project. They wanted the store to undergo a thorough renovation, but at the same time, the style should be authentic and rustic. It was also important for them to incorporate nature and the nuances of the surroundings into the interior design.

They have solved this task brilliantly by covering the entire building with wood and ensuring an abundance of plants in the outdoor environment. Inside the building, Pernille wanted to avoid a cafeteria environment with new furniture. "The colour scheme from the outside should come indoors, and therefore many of the furniture pieces are made of wood. We wanted a casual atmosphere, and we have achieved that by mixing old furniture with new wallpaper," says Pernille.

The distillery atmosphere is top-notch

We have previously shopped at Trademark Living, and we really like the raw style and the old furniture, so it was an easy decision to take a trip to Tønder to visit the new showroom and see which furniture pieces could fit into our distillery.

We already had some old doors and a few shelves from Trademark Living that we knew we wanted to use to display our bottles and other goodies, and the newly purchased tables and benches fit perfectly into the style.

We are super happy with the expression and style we have created in the distillery. The furniture has provided exactly the atmosphere we hoped for.

The collaboration with Claus Scheelke has gone smoothly, and it has been nice and easy to just pop over to Tønder by appointment.

Interior tip:

Use an old door or two to create a room within the room or to create a division between the café area and the shop. It creates a pleasant calm in the dining area with an old beautiful patinated door. If you like colours, choose a door in a beautiful colour. If you need to divide a larger area, you can easily mix and match several doors. It just adds an even greater wow effect. For example, choose a detail or colour that can be repeated, as shown above, where the doors are not identical, but both have bars and are in a greenish hue.


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