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Display cabinets

You can use a display cabinet by Trademark Living to store or display tableware, books, art objects or other items that you enjoy looking at every day. Our range includes display cabinets in different styles, different materials and different sizes, so you can find the display cabinet that will fit into your particular décor. Our display cabinets are available in both iron and wood, and with or without glass. Many of our display cabinets are one of a kind – they are original, old, unique, hand-picked and have a lovely patina.

Iron cabinets

If you’re looking for an ultra-modern industrial-style iron cabinet, you’ve come to the right place! Trademark Living’s iron cabinets are so cool and fit in perfectly with raw, contemporary décor. Several of our raw, authentic old and industrial iron cabinets are the perfect storage solution for those who love furniture that creates contrast in their décor.

Sideboards and wall cabinets

Highlight or store books, knick-knacks and art objects in a sideboard, wall cabinet or chest of drawers by Trademark Living. You’ll find cabinets many styles and sizes in the range, made of different materials.
Our masculine, raw iron cabinets with glass doors have an edgy, industrial look and they also fit into the clean lines of minimalist décor. If your décor could benefit from a more creative element, we recommend our upcycled, reused products. For example, you could choose wall cabinets made from old jerry cans. They’re utterly unique and irresistible.

Wall shelves & wall racks

If you’re looking for aesthetic and practical wall storage, you’ve come to the right place. A nice wall rack creates space for pictures and decorations, and can also be used for storage, for example in the kitchen or bathroom.
Our range of wall shelves and wall racks includes large and small wall racks in materials such as leather, iron and wood. The wall racks are stylish and simply designed, and at the same time emphasise raw, industrial décor.


With Trademark Living bookshelves, you get a practical, useful piece of furniture with storage space and, at the same time, a piece of furniture that creates a cosy ambience in the room. The bookshelves are made of iron and wood, and have an exciting industrial iron and wood look. These raw, stripped-back iron bookshelves can be used as partition walls if you want to break up the space into smaller areas to create more cosiness.