Ambiance and entrepreneurship at the old farm 

On a green stretch between Ajstrup and Over Fløjstrup near Ajstrup beach, among the dales and hills and low-flying larks, that’s where you’ll find Volleshave Farm Shop.

From the outside, the buildings of the former Moesgård-owned farm needed a little T.L.C. And fortunately Henrik Mensch was the man to give it to them. Or at least, he is the owner and the man behind the farm’s latest revamp. He bought the buildings 2 years ago, and has since worked hard to give the place new life and atmosphere. Plans have constantly changed and much has happened in the 2 years that Henrik has had the farm.

He bought the buildings with a view to moving the successful "Marselis Vine" store from Marselis Boulevard in Aarhus out into the country to Volleshave. The farm was previously used for wine imports and a private home, and Henrik could see the Marseli's Vine business grow and thrive there. "When we started developing the premises and constructing the bar, we felt that the premises called for more than just wine, and so we decided to turn them into a farm shop concept," says Henrik.


Meeting with Trademark Living was the final push

Henrik and his team met Trademark Living for the first time at the Formland trade fair in Herning in the summer of 2021. Henrik could see that several of Trademark Living's interior products would fit really well into the store concept, both in the Marseli's Vine shop and in the Volleshave farm shop. But the conversation with Trademark Living also marked the start of Volleshave farm shop becoming much more than just a shop. "We could see that Trademark Living's furniture would fit perfectly into a farm shop concept with a restaurant service, while some of the products also fitted into the shop concept for direct resale," explains Henrik.

The idea grew and over the course of the autumn more suppliers were added, so that in addition to wine the shop also had a delicatessen selection and various home interiors. And it’s this very concept that appeared to be popular, because when the team behind Volleshave held the opening reception for the farm shop on 16 October 2021, they expected 100 guests, maybe 150 tops. But before the day was over, almost 800 visitors had stopped by! “We were completely shocked,” Henrik explains, “but we were also convinced that this concept was quite unique.”

So the following weekend the team launched a tapas concept, where locals and also people from further afield could pick up Friday takeaway tapas, or enjoy it on site. As a result, every Friday Volleshave farm shop now hands out around 200 tapas menus over the counter. An extra chef has since been hired so the menu also offers open sandwiches, fried fish sandwich dishes and a slightly larger selection that visitors can enjoy on the terrace or in the shop.




Plenty of charm and character in the Air BNB farmhouse

When Henrik and his team went to their next trade fair, this time to find exciting delicatessen suppliers at Foodexpo on March 22, they once again stopped by Trademark Living's stand. After a brief chat with Trademark Living's owner Jan Thormann, it became clear that Trademark Living would be able to help with another interior design solution for the shop. There was quite simply a lack of seating in the farm shop, and Jan and his team came up with a great solution.

When Jan Thormann subsequently visited Volleshave, they began talking about the main farmhouse, currently rented out to Air BNB. Henrik had for some time wanted to give the rooms of the house a little more charm and character, and he ended up giving Trademark Living free rein to provide an interesting interior design plan for the bedrooms and toilets on the first floor, as well as the kitchen, hall and living room on the ground floor. 

Full satisfaction with the cooperation

“The house has become really great. I am absolutely delighted with the rooms, which have been given more warmth with furniture in wood and leather, cosy lighting, as well as a humorous twist in the form of old camel anklets. Trademark Living's stylist Klaus Ørnskov has added a lot of iron, leather and wood, and Trademark Living is really good at this rustic and masculine style," says Henrik and adds: "Jan and Klaus also came up with an excellent idea to take pictures of the shop and have them printed on wall plates that now hang in the main house. I think it looks awesome!

On the whole, the collaboration with Trademark Living has been excellent. They have been quick and efficient to respond to my queries, and have always come up with great ideas and input for the decor. They’ve also been great at delivering, especially considering current challenges. If they were unable to deliver what we requested, they were great at coming up with alternative solutions.” 

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Big plans for Volleshave's future

The renovation and further development of Volleshave naturally didn’t stop there. An inviting wooden terrace with space for 80 people has been built, and the farm shop has now been furnished with up to 45 seats, so that the premises can house smaller events. Volleshave has several confirmation events on during the spring, to name but a few.

Henrik also has plans to host regular events over the summer, including a couple of wine festivals where winemakers can come and talk about their wines, and several live music events.

There are plenty of ideas, and with 2 more buildings and all the extra space, there are big plans in the pipeline. “We have long wanted a large industrial kitchen in the west-facing building, and we’ll use the last building to expand the current farm shop, so that we have even more space. Plans also include a 85-m2 café,  and a lounge with sea views at the top of the premises, where guests can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine,” says the entrepreneur.

When the whole thing will be ready is as yet unclear, but one thing’s for sure- Henrik Mensch never stops getting new ideas for the old farm. 



About the entrepreneur Henrik Mensch

Henrik describes himself as "a guy who has dabbled in a bit of everything", and you have to admit he has experience in many different fields.

  • Henrik studied law for 5 years,
  • and for the past 20 years has worked in property development both in Denmark and Germany.
  • One of his many projects began approx.10 years ago, when he walked past the then dilapidated ice cream parlour in Saksild. It marked the start of a comprehensive restoration and a business concept that today includes 13 ice cream parlours and eateries around East Jutland.
  • Henrik bought Marselis Vine 3 years ago, which has now been moved to the premises in Volleshave, and thus a new business unit began selling wines, delicacies and interiors.


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