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Helena Magnusson was on leave from her job as an interior designer, when Ahmet from Pizzeria Luna contacted her with a task that involved a total renovation of his local pizza place with the beautiful name Luna. She did not need much consideration to accept the job.

Helena was the project manager for the entire renovation, as well as responsible for purchasing furniture and interior items. She appreciates this type of interior design projects, in which she participates from start to finish, “I love these jobs, where you get very close to the customer and create a personal relationship. It's fun to be a part of this process and to be able to fulfil other people's dreams”.

From black/white to warm and industrial

Ahmet wanted a big change in the restaurant with the white walls and the black furniture. He would like warm colours and an industrial look in his pizzeria. Helena started by picking out a warm yellow colour for the walls. To make the yellow colour match well with the industrial furniture, she chose to mix yellow and black to create a "soiled" look.

Helena integrated various industrial elements in the bar and in the railing between the two levels of the restaurant. To emphasize this mood, the furniture should have an industrial look, in her opinion. She also had a great desire to use leather as part of the decor, as it would match the style very well. Helena knew that Trademark Living's selection of chairs would fit perfectly into the concept.


"I am so happy with my choice of the great classic"

"It's so wonderful that Trademark Living has matching dining chairs and bar stools in a large part of their range, and I quickly fell for their Brooklyn chair series with iron frame and leather seat and back," says Helena.

However, she found it a little too boring to use the same chairs throughout the restaurant. Therefore, she wanted to find an additional dining chair - and a colourful one. "I always stick to a few colours when I start a project, so it doesn't get too chaotic. For this reason, I also picked out the classic Living Chair from Trademark Living in blue with a brown seat cushion. It matches perfectly with the yellow universe and I'm so happy with my choice of the beautiful classic," says Helena.




A happy customer

There was a lot of work for Helena, including having the ceiling torn down to create a better connection between the rooms. Helena also had built-in bar tables made in the large, beautiful windows. "Ahmet didn’t anticipate such a big change at all, but he was very excited about the result," says Helena. “I love this part of my job. It's so much fun to see these big changes and to hand over the positive result to a satisfied customer."

Furniture in a very good and lasting quality

Hedda Interior has shopped for several years at Trademark Living, and Helena is very satisfied with the selection. “I fell head over heels for the wide range of furniture and interior accessories. The collection is easy to combine with a good mix of new and old. I think it's nice that Trademark Living has a strong focus on recycling and upcycling, and I love their "One of a kind" products. In addition, the furniture is of a very good and lasting quality ", says Helena and continues," For me, it is also very important when I choose a supplier that you can get a quick response and good service. And I get that from Mads from Trademark Living”.



Helena's styling tips

  • Before beginning a project, always find the mood you want to convey.
  • Consider making a mood board with colours, desired atmosphere, furniture, and details so you can visualize the direction you want the project to take.
  • Decide on the colours.
  • Find out which companies can supply the furniture that will provide the right atmosphere.
  • Trademark Living has a wide range of furniture for the raw, masculine, and industrial look, but also lots of beautiful old wooden furniture if you want to think about sustainability and recycling.
  • Find a balance between soft and hard e.g., by using materials such as plants, leather, rattan, etc.
  • Don’t forget to think about the sound level. Use textiles, rugs, or work with acoustic panels. This is especially important in a restaurant environment that can be quite noisy.
  • Remember green plants of different sizes, they bring life to the decor.
  • Use a dimmer for all lighting to change the brightness easily if needed.

About Hedda Interior

  • Helena Magnusson is the woman behind Hedda Interior and has worked for 13 years as an interior designer.
  • Helena has studied both interior design and project management. In many of her projects she needs to use the creative side throughout the project. Often, she is responsible for purchasing furniture, lighting, textiles, hiring handymen, and keeping the budget and staying on schedule.
  • Helena has also worked on television productions and festivals, but in recent years it has mostly been about restaurant interior design.

📸 The photos are taken by the skilled @ullesogonblick!


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