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Get a rugged, industrial look with authentic old industrial lamps and factory lamps

Trademark Living’s range of authentic old industrial pendant lighting can be used in any room where you want cool, industrial décor. Here you can find a raw industrial pendant lamp made of patinated iron, which, with its masculine styling, will fit really well with materials such as concrete, iron and rustic wood. Old industrial pendant lighting can be hung in pairs or individually above the dining table or where the room requires that perfect, evocative, raw factory look and feel.

All of Trademark Living's lamps, except for SG0819, are fitted with an E27 socket to match our beautiful, hand-crafted LED bulbs. These are sold separately on this page, so bulbs are not included when you buy a lamp. Trademark Living's ceiling lamps and pendants have a ground wire.

Buy large pendant lighting: pendants and lighting for your restaurant, café or hotel

How about giving your guests the ultimate lighting using industrial lamps with large, decorative lightbulbs? Come and explore Trademark Living, where you can find beautiful, mega-sized and different pendants in a purely masculine design to provide ambient lighting and complete the décor of your restaurant, café or hotel.

Add edge to your décor with upcycled pendants and hanging lamps

Upcycling is recycling and crafting the cool way! So, if you’re keen to add some extra edge to your décor, upcycled lamps are the perfect choice. At Trademark Living, we turn authentic old bicycle pedals and bicycle wheels into lamps that let the cold steel from old bicycles spread light, warmth and ambience. If you’re more into four-wheelers, you can also find upcycled pendant lighting made from authentic old tractor lights with a simple design and a trendy look. They’re great for creating a cosy atmosphere and adding extra edge to your décor.

Factory-style rustic lamps and pendant lighting

If you’re into industrial-style lamps, you can be sure to find beautiful pendant lighting in Trademark Living’s large selection of authentic factory-style reproduction lamps. The rustic lamps have lots of factory charm and add interest to the interior design. Our iron lamps are available in different colours – iron and brass, antique blue, antique white, green, yellow and red. If you really want to impress, go for a large raw functional factory lamp with adjustable scissor pull-out. It’s super-decorative with the raw factory look and has a tremendous wow factor. If you’re looking for a softer industrial look, our “Moonlight” lamp with a perforated iron lampshade is exactly the right choice. The Moonlight lamp’s radiance will add beautiful lighting and rugged industrial styling to the room. The Moonlight lamp is available in 3 sizes. You can suspend the lamps together or individually over the dining table or wherever you want to create an evocative atmosphere. Super cool with our LED bulbs.

Create cosy lamp-light using large, decorative LED bulbs (globe bulbs)

Create an industrial style and beautiful lighting in your home or restaurant with unique pendant lamps and large, decorative LED bulbs. These beautiful retro bulbs with their visible glow are popular with our customers, as they create truly atmospheric lighting.  Our decorative incandescent bulbs can be used in all our lamps. These beautiful, dimmable LED bulbs with a golden glow can also be used without a lampshade in our minimalist white porcelain sockets with braided cords. With a modern dimmer, you can always adjust the lighting and create the perfect cosy lighting with calm, subdued light.

Do you need help using lamps or lighting to set the mood?

Lighting in the home or in a restaurant is vital to the décor. The right lighting can create ambience and complement your décor. Do you want inspiration for lighting in your home, restaurant or shop with raw lamps by Trademark Living? Or do you need help choosing the right industrial luminaire for above the dining table, in your entrance hall or meeting room? Then visit our 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before +45 7024 1644 before visiting to avoid and to enable us to give you the time and attention you need. If you’re a personal customer who has fallen in love with our raw industrial pendant lighting, search here to find a retailer near you.