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LED lighting by Trademark Living

At Trademark Living, you’ll find a small but carefully selected range of LED bulbs. The LED bulb is a more durable and environmentally friendly solution.  All LED bulbs by Trademark Living have an E27 socket. We also call this type of socket a “large socket”. All bulbs are dimmable. If used with a dimmer switch. We can also provide a dimmer switch from our range. LED bulbs by Trademark Living are decorative bulbs; their beauty lies in their simplicity.

Handmade LED bulbs by Trademark Living

Crystal glass of very high quality is used in the manufacturing process. The inside and outside of each individual piece of glass is washed. During the production process, the glass remains protected to prevent scratches. Each bulb is unique, as all our bulbs are handmade. 

  • ALVA and IGNIS are both classic, clean-lines, simple LED bulbs. The SPERO bulb has an eye-catching filament structure that diffuses a pleasant, warm light.
  • LUMINA II is a work of art in its own right. Its enormous size creates a harmonious, intense light. 
  • The beautiful shape of IMPERO I lends a sense of ultimate beauty to your décor.
  • The elegant IRIGO II is long and graphically beautiful in its vertical design.
  • CALI II is a beautiful golden colour, with an elegant spiral. 
  • SENSIO II is a rare beauty. By combining pure light with a platinum look, the bulb itself becomes a work of art, even when switched off. The handmade metallic finish is the interior of the bulb glass. 

LED filament bulbs 

Filament LED bulbs are similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, but, thanks to unique new LED technology, tiny LED chips emit light in a set of linear or curved filaments. The end result is a bulb that provides contemporary, warm lighting and a relaxing atmosphere. Each LED filament (yellow strip) is carefully selected, cut and mounted on a transparent base. LED filaments perfectly mimic the original vintage look of Edison bulbs thanks to the glowing appearance of their clear glass filament technology. They produce 360 degrees of pure light.

Lumens – the intensity of the light

The intensity of light is described in lumens (instead of watts). Two bulbs with the same lumen value emit the same amount of light. All LED bulbs by Trademark Living are between 280 and 550 lumens.

Kelvin value – colour temperature of light

LED bulbs have a Kelvin (K) value. It describes the colour temperature of the light. The scale is from 0 to 10,000 K. The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light. A natural white light has a Kelvin value of approx. 4000K and a warm white light has a Kelvin value of about 2000K. The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light. Warm produces a cosy and relaxing effect. All LED bulbs by Trademark Living have a Kelvin value of between 2000K and 2700K.

CRI value

CRI (colour rendering index) value is the ability of light to reproduce colours and it is rated on a scale of 0–100 CRI.
All LED bulbs by Trademark Living have a CRI value of 95, which we consider to be just right. The CRI value must be 90 or higher if you want faithful reproduction of colours. A CRI value of 100 corresponds to daylight.

Saving energy

Approx. one-fifth of domestic electricity consumption goes on lighting. Good light is important for work and quality of life, and creates a pleasant atmosphere in your home interior.