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Authentic old and used industrial wall lights

If you’re looking for unique wall lights with an industrial, rugged look, you can find them at Trademark Living. We love unique furniture and funky lamps with an authentic patina, and we’re especially fond of used industrial lamps or maritime lamps from large ocean-going ships. These characteristic lamps are hand-picked in India and refurbished with great passion. They are given a CE-approved socket and cord so they’re ready to add heart and history to your décor. These super-rugged old wall lights are available as strictly limited editions. So, you have to be quick if you want to get your hands on these unique old industrial lamps, which exude ambience and give your décor unique, personal styling.

Interior design tip: If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an authentic old industrial lamp with a dual fluorescent tube, think outside the box. This industrial lamp is not only cool on the wall; it can otherwise be positioned in the corner or laid on the floor – there are lots of possibilities.

All of Trademark Living's lamps, except for SG0819, are fitted with an E27 socket to match our beautiful, hand-crafted LED bulbs. These are sold separately on this page, so bulbs are not included when you buy a lamp. All Trademark Living wall lamps have switches and male connectors.

Lighting and wall lights for hotel, café and restaurant

When you need to find the best lighting and wall lights for your restaurant, bar, café, hotel or shop, we have a unique and rugged selection of evocative wall lights.
Our industrial wall lights provide good, comfortable lighting in the room where you install your lamps. They’re especially good for corridors, small spaces, behind bar tables or for customer toilets.
Many of these industrial wall lights have a simple, raw look, and perfectly complement exposed brickwork if you want to bring a raw, rustic New Yorker look to your restaurant, hotel or café.

Vintage-look wall lights with beautiful exposed LED bulbs

We love wall lights with exposed globe bulbs, as our beautiful LED vintage bulbs with exposed filaments complement our simple, minimalist lamps so well. In its prominent position, the bulb creates a fabulous effect for the whole lamp, and speaks both to those who have a penchant for minimalism and to those who are more into the nostalgic vintage style. Our lamps can also be positioned upside down on the wall to good effect, with the bulb pointing downwards. Your imagination is the only limit.

Indoor wall lights with a rugged factory look

If you love industrial and raw factory-style lamps, you’ll definitely be able to find a lamp to suits your décor at Trademark Living. Our simple, rustic and contemporary factory lamps are a bright spot for any interior design setting. If they’re also combined with the right LED globe bulb from our range, you’re guaranteed a beautiful warm light and unique, contemporary décor that will impress your guests and make the room seem larger than it is.

Tips for interior design with wall lights

Wall lights give you lots of options for your interior design. A good tip is to supplement a pendant lamp over a dining table with discreet wall lights that provide a beautiful, comfortable backlight in the room.
Another option is to use a sculptural wall lamp as part of your gallery wall to boost the effect and lighting.
There are no limits to where you can place a wall lamp. Just think outside the box when choosing the location for a wall lamp in the bedroom, hallways, kitchen or entrance hall. That’s because, combined with other forms of lighting, wall lights create just the right atmosphere.
If you’re in any doubt about how to choose the right wall lamp, it’s especially important to consider the following: How high should the lamp be installed on the wall, how far will the lamp need to protrude from the wall, and should the lamp give downward, upward or diffused light?
Once you’ve considered the following, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect wall lamp for your décor.

Buy unique wall lights from Trademark Living

Fancy seeing and experiencing our evocative lighting and unique range of industrial wall lights, floor lamps, pendants and LED bulbs? Then come by our 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg if you are a dealer or sole trader. Please phone before visiting so that we’ll be able to give you the attention and time you need. If you’re a personal customer who’s fallen in love with our industrial wall lights, you can search here to find a retailer near you.