What is 'One of a Kind'?

'One of a Kind' is our term for products that are unique and have a special charm and character. It could be old furniture, masculine vintage decorations, handmade pots, and much more. The products can often be recognized at first glance, due to the captivating patina they have developed over the years. Some products have been lightly restored, while others simply need a loving clean to come into their own.

The 'One of a Kind' products simultaneously tap into modern trends where concerns about climate and the concept of longevity are becoming increasingly significant in our considerations. These products have the advantage that all the resources originally required to produce the product continue to be used. Thus, you get a truly unique and special item, of which there is only one, and at the same time, there is no need to extract resources from the earth to make a new product from scratch – what’s not to like?

Handpicked Stories

When we are out shopping, we continuously come across furniture and other items that are truly in a league of their own. These finds are so spectacular and unique that they deserve their own category: One of a Kind.

These handpicked recycled treasures possess an individual character, beauty, or a raw expression, which exudes personality. When you choose 'One of a Kind,' you get more than just a recycled furniture piece; You get a story, told through patina, craftsmanship, and signs of use.

"We have a knack for finding these "oldies but goodies" with an authentic patina that tells a story with heart and soul"
— Annette Thorman, Owner of Trademark Living

Don't Miss Out on the Unique Treasures
Take a look at our 'One of a Kind' products and let yourself be inspired by their beauty and authenticity. Order your treasure home today and look forward to receiving a piece of furniture with soul and history.

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In Search for Unique Treasures

On our adventurous journey to the world’s most populous nation, a wonderland of vintage gold is revealed, just waiting for a new home.
In this sea of treasures, we occasionally find a unique diamond that sparkles a little brighter than the others.

Tuk-Tuk trips

In the narrow streets of Jaipur, among a throng of people, the Tuk-Tuk winds its way through the chaotic traffic. The heat radiates down from the roof that shades the afternoon sun, from which even the local macaques have sought shelter. One of the city's many free-roaming cows lazily steps out in the middle of the road, and the sluggish traffic comes to an abrupt halt. Maybe you should stretch your legs and grab a quick cup of tea from the nearest chaiwala?

This could very well be an example of one of the thousands of trips that a Tuk-Tuk from Trademark Living may have embarked on. The combination of many small stories and scratches from everyday life is what makes 'One of a Kind' something out of the ordinary.

Where can I find 'One of a Kind'?

If you haven't already come across our 'One of a Kind' category in the shop, it's just a click away. On the shop, you can see pictures and descriptions of each product, but you are also welcome to visit our showroom in Skanderborg to experience the unique products in real life.

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Buy now or cry later

Watch the video below where Sandie takes you into our "One of a Kind" universe, filled with upcycled display cabinets, old gates and doors, beautiful old stairs and fun and unique knick-knacks.
As you all love this collection, we unfortunately cannot promise that the furniture in the video is still available, because there is only one of each product. What we can promise, is that we often get new shipments with these wonderful wonders full of patina and history.

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It's the details that put the finishing touches to your decor – big and small. Surprise your guests or add the final detail to a complete interior design. Explore our range of beautiful, fun, and alternative eye-catchers.
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Vintage cabinets

Patinated, old cabinets are practically a Trademark Living specialty. We can (almost) guarantee that you will always find a wide selection of charming and rustic 'One of a Kind' cabinets in our range.
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Are you looking for a "wow-effect"? Large and colorful doors or gates are eye-catching decorations that can also serve a practical function, e.g. as a special room divider. 
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