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Leather bags by Trademark Living

An enchanting collection of leather bags by Trademark Living. Common to our leather bags and accessories is that they’re designed to be used and use only makes them more beautiful. Over time, the products develop a special patina that makes these bags even more fascinating, personal, and unique. The patina of the leather bags adds an extra edge to the design and tells a story of a lived life that accentuates the design.

All our leather goods let the delightful materials speak for themselves, so our bags and accessories are not embellished. However, all products include one small detail: Trademark Living’s brand icon is embossed in the leather, which adds an extra element to the finish of the products.

The bags are available in brown or black buffalo leather and selected styles in a beautiful grey, dark green or camel-coloured suede. The collection exudes a cool look, accentuating your personal style.

Soft leather or suede shopper

The shopper is a must-have item. This large, spacious bag is perfect for work, grocery and other shopping, sports, a weekend break or for some retail therapy.
This spacious shopper is perfect for holding the most important things for day-to-day living. The shopper has plenty of space for smaller bags, a clutch and purse. This keeps your things organised and stops them disappearing as they usually would in a large bag. The shopper is a new darling in Trademark Living’s collection of leather goods. It’s simply brilliant and immensely practical and is guaranteed to be your new best friend on the go.

Unisex aprons in a sturdy design

The leather apron is the perfect gift idea for the person who never compromises on equipment.
The leather apron exudes quality and good style and is also popular with chefs and waiters.
At Trademark Living, you’ll find both large and small leather aprons. The large leather apron has adjustable straps around the waist and neck to ensure a perfect fit. Both sizes are designed with two pockets. Voilà!

Computer sleeves and toiletry bags from Trademark Living’s leather collection

When charisma and aesthetics are important to you, it doesn’t matter what you put in your new bag by Trademark Living at work or on holiday. That’s why Trademark Living’s leather collection includes sleeves for a 15″ laptop. The brown or black leather sleeves can be tucked under your arm like a folder or placed in your bag to protect your laptop or iPad. Our sleeves have a classic, stylish look, popular with all genders and age groups.
When you’re on the go and need to stay the night somewhere, owning a leather toiletry bag by Trademark Living is simply great! The toiletry bag is practical, with a large, zipped compartment and a smaller pocket inside. The wash bag comes with a strap for hanging and carrying.

Leather or suede bum bags and belt bags

The practical bag worn today by both men and women fits any outfit. The bag has many names. Bum bag, belt bag, belly bag, crossover bag and, in the US, fanny pack.
The bag is available in small or large versions. What both sizes have in common is that they are made of buffalo leather and come with a double zip and an adjustable strap. Inside, there are side pockets and a zip pocket. The small version is also available in delightful grey or camel-coloured suede. 
The smart thing about belt bags is that they’re so practical for storage and handy to wear while walking around. That’s why the belt bag is the obvious choice, whether you need space to keep things handy on your trip, an everyday bag, a bag for summer festivals or a nice touch for your festive outfit. 


With its simple design and beautiful exterior, the clutch is tailor-made for almost any occasion. It can be used as a small bag or as a purse.
It’s the perfect size and fits nicely in your hand. For hitting the town, the small clutch is ideal for your mobile phone, keys and whatever else you have or need to keep handy. There’s a small inside zip pocket and three small pockets for credit cards.  

Practical leather accessories

Our quality leather goods are immensely practical utility items, but aesthetics is also a crucial factor in our design. When you need to travel, you need a suitcase label to contain your information. Trademark Living has designed suitcase label holders in brown and black leather, for people who don’t compromise on style and aesthetics.
When you arrive at your destination, the suitcase label holder can be used to carry your payment cards under your clothes, for example, or as a mini-bag – your imagination is the only limit!

Buy leather and suede bags and accessories at Trademark Living

If that makes you curious and you’d like to see and experience our range of leather bags and accessories, we’d very much like to invite you to visit our 500 m2 B2B showroom in Skanderborg, if you’re a dealer or sole trader. Please phone before potentially visiting (tel.: +45 7024 1644) so we can give you the attention and time you need.
If you’re a personal customer who’s fallen in love with our leather products, you can search here to find a retailer near you.