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Raw, contemporary iron wall units for industrial décor

You can create a rugged, minimalist look for your décor with a sleek iron wall unit.
A large, beautiful iron wall unit takes up a bit of space, but it offers plenty of scope for storage, as a room divider and for keeping things tidy in with a raw look that’s visually appealing.
You can never have too many bookshelves or too much storage. So, if you dream of creating true New Yorker style in your décor, storage furniture such as a raw metal wall unit is an absolute must. Quite simply, a contemporary, simple, free-standing iron wall unit will emphasise the raw industrial look and lend attitude to your décor.
Large, practical wine racks for shops and the hospitality industry
Our stylish iron wine racks should be considered an essential item for your décor, with their gorgeous minimalist design. The wine racks are produced to display the bottles beautifully in a spacious kitchen, in your shop, café or restaurant. Our large iron wine rack is also extremely practical because, in addition to providing storage for wine, it also has extra storage options, such as holders for drinking glasses and extra wall racks for storage.  

Practical, mobile shelf units – furniture on wheels

When you choose include our rustic bookshelves on wheels in your décor, or use them in your café or restaurant, you’re guaranteed a product that is as practical as it is aesthetic. We sell wood and metal tray racks, and our range includes bread carts, tray racks, tray tables, various kinds of trolleys and other practical bookshelves on wheels, which create a light, practical and mobile interior.

Rustic wooden bookshelves made from recycled wood with slats or crates

Bookshelves made of recycled wood with a patina are especially cosy – and will be just the thing if you’re looking to create cosy, charming décor. The smart slatted wooden racks provide plenty of storage space. If you have lots of little objects or items, storage boxes are also ideal to put on the wall racks. If you particularly need wooden boxes, simple iron racks with removable wooden boxes are extremely practical to accommodate and display selected items such as various specialities, flowers, fruit, vegetables, etc.

Free-standing bookshelves as room dividers

It can be practical to use free-standing bookshelves to divide your space in contemporary décor. Free-standing iron bookshelves are ideal as light-and-airy room dividers, as they underpin the cosy ambience in the room by screening and making the room smaller – while also serving as shelves that you can use for decorative storage or display of your knick-knacks.

Need some help to create ambience with metal and wooden bookshelves?

Having lots of bookshelves at home, as shop fittings or in a restaurant provides ample storage. In addition to being practical, the right bookshelves are a great way to liven up your décor and create just the right ambience. Do you want inspiration for more storage in your home, restaurant or shop with practical, contemporary bookshelves by Trademark Living? Or do you need help choosing just the right shelf unit as an office room divider? Then visit our 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before +45 7024 1644 before visiting to avoid and to enable us to give you the time and attention you need. If you’re a personal customer who has fallen in love with our bookshelves, search here to find a retailer near you.