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Rustic, unique industrial design metal bar stools

Industrial bar stools are suitable for use in fitting out venues where you want a relaxed, informal atmosphere with industrial styling. A bar stool can be used for your home bar, in the kitchen, at the meeting table or in the bar area, lounge or café.
At Trademark Living you will find a large selection of contemporary, simple metal bar stools in a modern and industrial design. Our bar stools with or without backrests are available in many colours and with a rustic finish. We have black bar stools, grey bar stools, copper bar stools, brass bar stools, bar stools with recycled wooden seats, bar stools with round wooden seats or upholstered leather seats.

Trademark Living bar stools with backrests and armrests

If you want a bar stool or high chair with support and comfort, then a bar stool with a backrest is the right choice. Here you can sit back and relax and, at the same time, the bar stool is comfortable when you need to sit for an extended period of time. Our bar stools with upholstered genuine leather seats are especially comfortable. All our bar stools also have a footrest to support your feet and provide a high level of seating comfort. If you want more comfort and love our classic ‘Living Chair’, you can also get a ‘Living Bar Stool’ version with armrests, real leather and gleaming metal for your bar décor. The bar stool is superbly comfortable to sit on and the bar stool design is a delight to the eye.

High-quality bar stools for business and professional use

One of the most important criteria of a good bar, café, pub or restaurant is that the atmosphere is good and that you have chosen some special interior design and furniture to pique the curiosity of your customers.
So, if you want to be at the cutting edge and stand out, our unique metal bar stools, raw bar stools of various heights, and for professional use, are a sure-fire choice.
Whether you’re looking for a high-quality professional-looking bar stool for your bar area, a raw bar stool for your meeting room, stackable bar stools or you’re just looking for inspiration for professional bar furniture, bar furniture or café furniture, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste in our large selection of quality bar stools and bar stools for professionals.
See how our HORECA customers have created cool décor and their very own style using our gorgeous bar stools.

Get a rustic, industrial look by using industrial bar stools in your décor

You’ll find an exciting selection of industrial bar stools with sculptural styling at Trademark Living. Our eye-catching, contemporary bar stools or bar stools are beautiful as stand-alone items, but look their very best together with other bar stools.
So, if it’s difficult to choose what type of bar stool you want, you can achieve a greater impact by mixing and matching your bar stools. All our industrial-design bar stools can be mixed and matched, and complement one another well.
A good rule of thumb when mixing and matching bar stools is that the backs or heights of the bar stools are roughly equal in height; this prevents the styling from looking too messy. It’s also best to mix bar stools in pairs, to create harmony.
Also, be sure to leave some space between the bar stools in your décor. Allow approx. 65–75 cm from one bar stool to the next – measured from the middle.

Choose a raw bar stool of the right height

When buying a bar stool, it’s important to buy one of the right height for the best sitting experience on your bar stool.
Our bar stools are available in various designs and sizes, for use in different places in the interior design of a home or business.
We recommend that you use our low stools with a seat height of 40–58 cm at the dining table or meeting table as an alternative to dining chairs. Here, our swivel stools are ideal, as they are flexible in height and can be adjusted up or down depending on what height you want.
For kitchen islands and home bars, our bar stools with a seat height of 60–69 cm are a good choice.
If you’re fitting out a restaurant or café, our taller bar stools are the right choice. Here you will find bar stools with a seat height of 71–80 cm. Our most popular heights for hospitality bar stools are the 75 cm, 76 cm or 77 cm bar stool.
Some of the bar stools can also be combined with one of our seat cushions for extra comfort.
Also, try exploring our range of bar furniture for the restaurant industry, where you can find a matching café table, high bar table or bar table to complete your industrial, raw décor.

Need help choosing the right bar stool for you?

Need some inspiration for fitting out your bar area, lounge, café or restaurant with bar stools and bar furniture by Trademark Living for professionals?
Or do you need help choosing the right bar stool from our range of contemporary metal bar stools? Then visit our 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before +45 7024 1644 before visiting to avoid disappointment, and to enable us to give you the time and attention you need.
If you’re a personal customer who has fallen in love with our unique bar stools, search here to find a retailer near you.