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The many uses of the pedal bin

Although a pedal bin is often used to store rubbish or other waste temporarily, it doesn't have to be like that at all. Pedal bins can easily be used to stow away other things and keep them arranged, such as laundry, children's toys, or something else. You decide for yourself what you want to store in the pedal bin.

Pedal bin – a practical and hygienic waste bin

Pedal bins are the ideal solution for you who want as little contact as possible with old waste and the bacteria from it. When you use the pedal bin as a waste bin, you avoid having to touch the waste bin with your hands, and you can use both hands to carry the waste bag at the same time. In this way, you can reduce the spread of bacteria in a hygienic and practical way. Furthermore, the lid of the bin reduces any odours caused by old waste.

Due to the smart and functional design, pedal bins are perfect to use either in the bathroom, in the kitchen, the office or in small and closed rooms in which the indoor climate is quickly affected. Iron pedal bins can also be cleaned easily with a wet cloth and, if necessary, some disinfectant cleaning agent.

Big or small pedal bins for your kitchen, office, or bathroom

At Trademark Living, we sell both large and small pedal bins that can cover different needs. If you want a pedal bin for the office or a bathroom trash can, then one of our small Klapp bins is a safe choice. The small pedal bins can also be used in the kitchen, and with several bins, you can easily sort your different types of waste without your hands being in contact with the bins. On the other hand, if you look for a larger bin or a laundry basket, then a large bin is probably preferable - unless you are really happy to go out with the rubbish or do laundry.

Function and look all in one

Pedal bins and trash cans primarily serve a practical purpose, but that does not mean that they cannot serve a visual purpose, too. Trash cans, laundry baskets, etc. are often hidden away behind doors or inside cupboards, especially if they have strong colours that do not match the interior style at all. If you have a rustic or minimalist Nordic interior style, you don’t have this problem with pedal bins from Trademark Living. Our pedal bins are available in several different types of finishes to suit modern and rustic interior styles. Our two main pedal bin models, Klapp and Modin, are thus available with a copper finish, a rustic and patinated iron finish or with a lighter, clear lacquer finish. Both models are designed according to Scandinavian design principles with a focus on functionality and clean and simple lines. Get function and finish all in one go, when you buy a trash can or pedal bin from Trademark Living.