You can create a cosy atmosphere in your home or office with glass vases and bottles by Trademark Living. Our glass vases and glass bottles are available in many shapes and colours, and will contribute a fascinating rustic look, a pleasant feminine ambience or just a breath of fresh air, depending on how you choose to style the products.
Our range of contemporary bottles and vases is primarily made of recycled glass; they’re knick-knacks in their own right and can also be used for fresh or dried flowers or as a candle holder – your imagination and personal style are the only limits!


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Beautiful, one of a kind Trademark Living vases 

You’ll find contemporary and eye-catching glass products of varied sizes, colours, and types in our range. We have large glass vases and small glass vases, in coloured glass and transparent glass. Our range includes various vases in contemporary colours such as olive green, sky blue and grey. Other types of vases are available in the colour's dark amber, matt grey, brown and smoke. 
The range includes glass bottles, iron vases, clay vases and vases in coloured and transparent glass. We have one of a kind and fascinating glass products, which are both simple, stylish, and contemporary, and which can be made raw, romantic, exciting, and different depending on how they’re placed and whether they’re used to display flowers, feathers, branches, candles – or just displayed as a stand-alone ornament. 

Glass vases in soft shapes and with sharp, marked edges 

Trademark Living’s The Edge, Shape and Melvin vase collections include vases with vastly different styling, but which complement each other. 
The Edge is a range of angular vases, available in two sizes, as well as a flowerpot holder. The range is available in a beautiful shade of bottle green, a romantic sky blue, and dark grey.
Shape is a range of slimline vases with soft curves, available in beautiful colours, including a raw dark grey, olive green and a nice smoky colour. The vases vary in height from 15 cm – 35 cm, as well as a beautiful floor-standing vase with a height of 71 cm.
Melvin is a range of slender and chubby vases, all available in grey, olive green or dark amber. They look beautiful together and separately. The superb glass dish with feet has a wealth of uses. Or it can just be an ornament.

Endless uses for vases and glasses 

Whether you prefer the soft or the angular style – or a combination – our collections of vases have many uses, and their styling can be varied endlessly by using the vases for candles, fresh flowers, or dried flowers. The vases can be placed separately, or displayed in a range of complementary shapes, colours, and sizes. The large vases create a unique look if used as a floor-standing vase or candle holder. 
A selection of glass vases and glass bottles makes it easy to change the ambience of a room, and thus create a cosy atmosphere that can easily be changed according to the mood of the day. 

Distinctive, fascinating glass products 

When you shop for interior design glassware at Trademark Living, there’s plenty of scope for finding distinctive and fascinating designs, which will undoubtedly add extra edge and personality to your décor. 
Our glassware collection includes special face vases, made of recycled glass: Mr. and Mr. Big. If your kind of vases are ones that look like masks, with raw masculinity, Mr. Big or even Mr. Grey, there’s no doubt that these face vases will make a positive contribution to uniquely raw, edgy décor. Mr. Big stands 68 cm tall and comes in dark grey or brown. Mr. stands 34 cm tall and is available in dark grey and smoke. 

Glass bottles with a cork stopper

Our glass bottles with a cork stopper are particularly adventurous and mysterious Trademark Living glassware. The bottles are available in varied sizes and shapes. With their rustic look, beautiful colour and cork top, these bottles can bring to mind Italian wine bottles, the olden days or even pirates with bottles of rum in their hands. 
These decorative bottles with a cork stopper – Hailey, Amy, and Abigale – all come with beautiful patterns. The bottles can be used for candles, a flower, or a beautiful twig. The glass bottles can also be used for your oils and will look beautiful on the kitchen worktop, where these beautiful glass bottles signal great style.
The two large grey Elliot glass bottles both have a nice decorative pattern. Elliot looks beautiful with a lovely twig from the garden. The bottles stand 42 cm and 30 cm tall respectively and can be used as floor-standing vases.

Buy glass products at Trademark Living 

If you’re tempted to see for yourself our wide assortment of glass vases, glass bottles, jars, and candle holders, you can experience our 500 m2 B2B showroom in Skanderborg – if you’re a dealer or sole trader. Please phone before visiting (+45 7024 1644) so we’ll be able to give you the attention and time you need. If you’re a personal customer who’s fallen in love with our interior design glassware, you can find a retailer near you here.