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Glassware made of recycled glass

It is no secret that at Trademark Living we love recycling. When you shop for glassware at Trademark Living, you will find different and exciting designs that will add extra elegance and personality to your decor. Our large range of glass items consists mainly of products made from 100% recycled glass and is produced in Europe. Our popular glass series such as The Edge, Shape, Joy, Melvin and others are all made from recycled glass. The recycled glass gives the glass products a beautiful look, but small bubbles or minor unevenness may appear in the glass.

Create an atmosphere with coloured glass vases and bottles

Coloured glass vases quite literally add extra colour to life. In our range, you will find modern and eye-catching, coloured glass vases and glass bottles in different sizes and styles. Whether you are looking for a large glass vase for the floor, a small vase for the windowsill or small and fine glass bottles for a small flower, you can find them here at Trademark Living.

Make your surroundings more colourful, with vases and bottles in modern colours such as olive green, ocean blue and chocolate. The assortment has a wide range of colours, so you can also find vases in dark amber, grey, brown, and smoke.

Coloured glass vases to suit any style

Trademark Living's vase collections range widely in terms of style, so you can find vases with just the look that suits your personal style. If you are into masculine and raw expression, the vases from our The Edge series might be just the thing for you. The round shapes of the Shape series add a touch of softness and femininity, while the unconventional design language of the Melvin series makes the vases catch the eye. Vases with different expressions can complement and highlight each other, so let your imagination run wild and do not hold back from mixing the different styles.

Endless possibilities of use for glass vases and bottles

Whether you are decorating with small glass vases, bottles, large floor vases or a combination, our collections of vases can be used in many ways, and their expression can be varied endlessly by using the vases for candles, fresh flowers, or dried stems and grasses. The vases can be placed individually or displayed in a selection of shapes, colours and sizes that complement each other. The large vases give a unique look when they are used as floor vases or candlesticks. With a selection of glass vases and glass bottles, it is easy to change the atmosphere in a room, and in that way create a cosy atmosphere that can easily be adapted to your mood of the day.

Glass bottles

Create an enchanting atmosphere with beautiful glass bottles. If you want to personalize the bottles further for them to match your style, you can decorate the glass bottles with candles, a flower, or a nice branch. The glass bottles can also be used for your oils and look beautiful on the kitchen table.

Trademark Living's glass bottles are available in different sizes and shapes. With their nostalgic look and beautiful colour, the bottles evoke memories of old medicine bottles and the first editions of soda bottles. Only your imagination sets the limits for the use of these beautiful glass bottles.

Shop for vases and bottles at Trademark Living

If you are tempted to see our large assortment of vases and bottles, the entire range can be experienced in our 500 m2 B2B showroom in Skanderborg/Denmark – if you are a retailer or self-employed. We ask you please to call before your visit at +45 70 24 16 44 so that we can give you the attention and time that is needed. If you are a private consumer who likes our glassware, you can find a retailer near you here.