Ornaments and decorations help to give a home personality, and it’s fun arranging Trademark Living knick-knacks in different ways to create a cosy, personal ambience, while giving the home a sophisticated ambience.
Trademark Living’s decorations include partition walls & room dividers, gates & doors, wall plates & signs, wall decorations, and sculptures.
Whatever your home needs for that finishing touch, you can find it here.

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Create a unique interior with decorations by Trademark Living

Trademark Living offers a large, wide-ranging selection of decorations and knick-knacks with very special styling that works well in both personal and business settings.
Also check out our one of a kind products – they will definitely give your café, hotel or restaurant interior a unique and more personal look!

Partition walls and room dividers

With partition walls and room dividers by Trademark Living, you can create a cosy atmosphere in your home, clinic, café or restaurant by dividing and delimiting spaces. Our partition walls are available in different materials and designs, and will provide a rustic, masculine and cosy atmosphere. The range includes folding screens, room dividers and partition walls made of iron, glass, rubber and wood in a minimalist, raw and masculine style.

Gates and doors

If you’re looking for cool, rustic decorations that will attract attention, a gate, door or column by Trademark Living is the obvious choice. Many of our gates and doors are hand-picked, one of a kind items, so you can be sure you your neighbours won’t have anything like them. Our gates and doors are original, so they’re rustic and have a patina. Trademark Living’s gates and doors are made of iron or wood, and most of them show signs of peeling paint, which, together with the design of these decorations, helps to tell a story about the provenance of the door or gate.

Wall plates and signs

Give your walls a raw and exciting look with distinctive embellishment that makes all the difference and creates a personal look. Our iron or wood signs give you wall decorations with a raw look, yet still create a calm and pleasant ambience, for example on walls in a cosy corner or at a restaurant table. Our collection of metal signs attracts attention and adds a colourful element to the décor. Our signs include one of a kind wall plates, which are utterly unique, original and come with a patina.

Home decor

With knick-knacks and decorations by Trademark Living, you can stand out and express your personal style. Our collection of knick-knacks and decorations includes products that will do well in any décor: leather products, decorative bamboo poles and ornamental carts, as well as original old objects.
Trademark Living’s decorations also include an old-style sporty collection, which includes leather balls, boxing gloves, punch bags, gymnastics rings and bats. Please note that these products are only suitable for use as decorations.

Wall decorations

By decorating your walls with products by Trademark Living, you can achieve personality and edge for your décor. Our collection of unique and different wall decorations includes old wooden panels, maritime rope ladders and other wooden decorations, which are guaranteed to make your interior design look fascinating! If you want contemporary, creative décor, we recommend a metal decoration, for example our large peace sign, or the antler-like creation made from old bicycle handlebars.
If what you’re looking for is something contemporary, aesthetic and practical, the collection of wall decorations also includes various metal and leather wine racks and magazine holders.


Be inspired by our splendid collection of clay, wood, metal and papier-mâché sculptures to create your very own unique style with lots of raw and creative details. The sculptures come in large and small sizes and in different styles – and each has its own personality. Many of our Trademark Living sculptures are one of a kind originals with a patina.

Find inspiration at Trademark Living for decorating your office, shop or trade fair stand

Fancy seeing and experiencing our large and different range of knick-knacks and decorations for your restaurant, café, trade fair, amusement park or home? If so, remember we have a 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before visiting to avoid disappointment, and so that we’ll be able to give you the time and attention you need.
If you’re a personal customer who has fallen in love with our old doors or raw partition walls, search here to find a retailer near you.