Recycled wood ♻

Recycled wood is a sheer win-win for customers and the climate. Not only does wood have the ability to last for generations, but the climate bill for the wood used has also been paid forward! But – just like people – wood is ultimately subject to wear and tear.
Large quantities of tired furniture, doors, wooden boxes, etc., are thrown out when the paint starts to peel off or a table leg breaks.
However, there’s nothing at all wrong with the wood – on the contrary, a little wear produces the rustic look that so many of our customers demand.


Thoughtful use of wood

For us here at Trademark Living, our passion for vintage items and recycling also comes with a respect for the limited ressources of Earth.

Wood is an absolutely fantastic material; in the right hands, it can be shaped into something extraordinary. But, although we really love working with wood, we’re mindful that trees serve other, more important purposes in the global ecosystem. Good wood is therefore a precious resource that must be produced and used with care. In an effort to minimise our climate footprint as far as possible, we do our best to think climate-friendly all the way from the moment we come up with a wild idea, until the finished product leaves our warehouse.

One of the stages in the production phase where we try to pay special attention to our impact on this Earth is during the selection of materials for our wood productions. New Trademark Living wood products are made exclusively from long-lasting types of wood – also known as ‘hardwood’. Hardwood is characterised by beautiful grains and knots, which give the products a natural and unique look.



The rebirth of paper

Do you have a penchant for recycling and rustic interiors in organic forms? If so, you will love our product range in beautiful papier-mâché.

Formed and shaped in India, where papier-mâché has been used since the 14th century for both beautiful decorations and common household items. All Trademark Living's papier-mâché products are handmade, and consist of recycled paper and natural materials, giving each product an organic asymmetry and unique surface structure.

When you go exploring among our papier-mâché products, you will find a mix of new productions, such as our beautiful pendant lamps, and authentic jars and bowls that have previously been used in Indian households for decorating or storing rice, lentils, corn or grain.

born again


Reduce, recycle, Reincarnate ♻

Reuse of resources

Even that which cannot be saved can be reused or rethought. Part of our range is produced in recycled materials such as wood, glass and papier-mâché made from recycled paper, while other products are old objects which, with a little creativity and good craftsmanship, has been upcycled and reincarnated as rustic interior.


Recycled furniture and interior