How to add industrial and masculine furniture to your decor.

By Ajstrup beach between Aarhus and Hou lies Volleshave farm shop and Airbnb. Henrik Mensch is the owner and a lot has happened since he took over the old buildings 2 years ago. Henrik had already made use of Trademark Living's experience in shop design for the farm shop, so he was familiar with the industrial and masculine style that Trademark Living's furniture could add. He also liked the furniture in iron, leather and wood.

Now it was the main farmhouse’s turn for a revamp. The property is used as an Airbnb rental and had been decorated fairly randomly. Although the room designs worked individually, he felt the property lacked a cohesive look. He felt that the herringbone floors and stucco ceilings would benefit from some contrasts and added charm. The bedrooms were quite simple with white walls, but not particularly cosy and he wanted more masculinity and soul in the bigger common areas.

“I am delighted with the new interior. The overall look is now more contemporary and exciting. An extra plus is that the main house is now much more in line with the style of the farm shop, and I think the idea of hanging photographs from the farm shop up in the rental property works really well”.

Read the interview with Henrik Mensch and see the cool interior design solutions in Volleshave farm shop here

Match the style

5 tips from Trademark Living's stylist Klaus Ørnskov:

  1. Instead of choosing one large lamp for the hallway, choose a cluster of the same lamps in different sizes to create dynamism and wow factor.
  2. Remember that lighting is an important part of the decor. Create the atmosphere you want by dimming or turning up the strength. If you don’t have a dimmer, the right bulb can give you the light you want.
  3. Go for a somewhat industrial interior integrated in the large polished living rooms with stucco and herringbone parquet. This adds something really special.
  4. Feel free to group trinkets into small still displays to add life and atmosphere.
  5. If you need something for the walls, a really bold effect is to take photos (possibly black and white) of the surroundings and have them made into wall plates or posters to give the rooms more life. 


Create a cosy reading nook with an authentic bench. Add lambskin or leather cushions for extra comfort

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Create a cool and comfy lounge area with leather lounge chairs. Add a side table for your coffee, thriller or candle.

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The Moonlight lamps give off the most beautiful light, and if you hang them in a cluster like here, where the ceiling is high, the effect is really amazing. Add a cool LED bulb for extra effect.

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Use a nice trolley as a bar table to give your decor some extra edge. An added plus is that it can be moved around as needed.

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Spice up your decor with a beautiful and unique old wooden shape. Trademark Living's wooden moulds are all unique and originate from India.

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The old brick moulds are ideal for storing multiple items, e.g. for hand soap like here. An added plus is that they also add some warmth and rusticity to your decor.

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Explore our large selection of jars and hanging jars. Add green plants, or to make life even easier, choose from the wealth of beautiful artificial or dried plants on the market.

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Add extra cosiness to the bedroom with soft and gorgeous cushions. These ones in suede have an exclusive and Nordic look and come in a choice of 3 fabulous colours and sizes.

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Use a large mirror to make a room appear larger than it is. Our range includes a wide selection of industrial and rustic mirrors.

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