Take a Trip to Africa – at the Herning Square

If you've walked by the square in Herning, you might have heard lion roars, jungle drums, and singing cicadas. That's the way guests are welcomed at the office of Africa Tours, which sells safari trips to Africa.

Recently, the office decor has undergone some changes. The Africa Tours team exhibited at the "Ferie for alle" travel fair at Messecenter Herning earlier this year. The team was so pleased with the expression that Trademark Living had created for the fair that Claus Lund Sørensen, who is the director of Africa Tours, decided to implement it at the office as well.

A Colourful Thread

"I want a cohesive expression in everything we do, and I thought it was obvious to continue my good collaboration with Trademark Living so that the decor you saw at the fair is also the decor you encounter at the office. The furniture and interior from Trademark Living complement the mood and colours of our African photos so well, creating a common thread. When you walk into our office today, you get a complete experience. Guests enter an adventure, or more precisely, Africa, at the Herning Square," says an enthusiastic Claus Lund Sørensen.

"With Trademark Living's add-ons, there is now a total coherence between the furniture and home decor from them, and the photos and lighting we have at our disposal. The new office decor has created a great atmosphere and has even given the office a fantastic boost. The guests we've had in the store have always been enthusiastic about visiting us, but now, with the help of Trademark Living, it's more like an extended WOW. It was great before, but now it's even better!"

World-Class Service

"My team and I have really felt well taken care of throughout the process, and it's world-class service. It's something I also think we offer at Africa Tours. It's actually like a 'cousin meets cousin' experience," laughs Claus. "Well, joking aside, we feel super privileged to do what we do at Africa Tours. We are professional dream-makers – we turn dreams into reality," says a humble Claus and continues, "We usually have a third of our guests' annual vacation available, and it's our main task to send them off on the right track so they can have the vacation they've always dreamed of.

If you'd like to see and hear more about the decor of Africa Tours' booth, you can experience more here.

Interior Consultant's Considerations

Klaus Ørnskov from Trademark Living has been allowed to be a part of the exciting office decoration project at Africa Tours. Here, he gives insight into the considerations and ideas made when Trademark Living was asked to provide inspiration for the office design of the agency in Herning.

"For both Claus and me, it was important to create a common thread from the atmosphere at the 'Ferie for alle' fair to the office in Herning. It worked really well, so it was obvious to decorate the office in the same way," says Klaus.

Guests' First Impression is Important

"The first place we focused on was the windows, which are the first thing guests see. It must be perfect. We played with light and sound to attract attention. Additionally, we created an inviting setup in the windows, where we hung decorative bamboo sticks, among other things. To add depth and excitement to the room, we chose to install different spotlights around the office. The whole mission is for guests to feel like they're on their way to their destination - AFRICA - from the moment they step through the door.

To create more space throughout the office decor, Claus and I also decided to divide the room into different zones. The entire sales department now sits on one side of the office. The expedition is located right at the entrance, and we also chose to create a dedicated waiting area.

We chose to place the Zanzibar desk right in front of the entrance, as we think it's important that the employees at the reception can welcome guests as soon as they enter. In this way, Africa Tours can provide guests with a personal reception.

We also worked with the colours in the room. Africa Tours has so many wonderfully beautiful photos from Africa. The pictures are colourful and create visual interest, so to contrast this and really let them shine, we chose some more muted colours on the walls.

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