Furniture with Warmth and Authenticity Sets the Right Mood

Exhibition Booth Design for Safari Enthusiasts

The Maasai warriors are jumping, the elephants are on the move, and African baby animals are playing. The big male lion catches your eyes, and then you just know you must enter that exhibition stand. You are at the annual "Ferie for alle" travel fair at the Messecenter Herning in Denmark, specifically at the Africa Tours booth, where Claus Lund Sørensen and his team have set the stage as if you were already in Africa.

Claus is passionate about experiences! As we talk to him on a dark November day, it's quite clear that we are talking about a man with a deep passion for Africa. He has travelled extensively, seen many cultures, animals, and beautiful landscapes, and he loves Africa's diverse colours. This is also evident in the colourful banners that decorate the exhibition booth. The banners create eye-catching displays and attract a lot of guests. Because at the stand of Claus and his team, no one is considered a customer. Everyone is a guest.

Booth Decoration

Side by side with the large, beautiful banners, there are pieces of furniture made of wood, iron, and leather from Trademark Living. Among them are a couple of "Blixen lounge chairs" where guests can sit down comfortably to browse through catalogues. Similarly, groups with tables and chairs allow guests and staff to sit and discuss the opportunities offered by Africa Tours.

"If the expression is right from the beginning of an exhibition, I believe you have a greater chance of success, and I truly feel that together with Trademark Living, we found the right expression," says Claus. He continues, "the leather and wooden pieces of furniture fit perfectly into our African universe, and together with Klaus from Trademark Living, we arranged the exhibition stand to meet our needs."

"The Zanzibar modules allowed us to store extra catalogues, personal belongings, and everything else that needed to be tucked away. The entire exhibition booth design just came together really well, and we had so many happy visitors."

Matching Universes Meet

It was during a visit to the Formland fair in Herning that Claus first spotted Trademark Living. For Claus, it wasn't difficult to connect Trademark Living's universe with Africa Tours. "This company stands out from its competitors. I get a feeling that nature is present, and I can immediately sense and see that the warmth and authenticity - expressed by Trademark Living at their stand - are a very suitable collaboration opportunity for us," says Claus.

"If I wasn't already convinced, I definitely was the moment I met Klaus and Sandie. I actually feel like I'm meeting an old friend. Klaus and Sandie are both fantastic personalities, and they are quick to decode what the task at hand is. At the same time, they quickly understand who I am and what I want," says Claus, adding, "I'm sure they do this with many people, but they are really good at understanding from the beginning what kind of exhibition booth design I want, and they provide lots of great input. Shortly after, we can start drawing some common lines."

Top Marks for Exhibition Design

"What fascinated me about Trademark Living is the style, which rhymes so well with the DNA for which we stand at Africa Tours. Furthermore, Sandie and Klaus' personal approach to me and us played a big role. I felt seen, heard, and understood from the first second! I honestly think we were a fantastic match," says Claus.

When asked how the process of designing the trade fair stand went, Claus promptly replies: "Well, without a doubt Trademark Living gets top marks, i.e., a 13 on the old Danish grading scale. I don't want to give 12, which you can get on the new Danish grading scale. Far too many people get 12, and it’s simply not enough".

The next project awaits.

Claus is so pleased with the style and look of the exhibition booth that he decides to give the office on Torvet in Herning the same look. If you're curious about how the exhibition booth's furniture has now become a stylish office interior, read more here.

The Exhibition Stylist's Best Advice

"When I create a booth, the most important thing for me is that the visitors have an experience. They should be inspired, and there must be eye-catchers, something that draws visitors in. I love to work magic in that process, to think outside the box and do what others don't," says Klaus Ørnskov from Trademark Living.

Below, I've collected 5 styling tips that I think worked fantastically at the Africa Tours exhibition stand:

  • Voluminous banners with beautiful motifs create eye-catching displays and set a good mood. In the case of Africa Tours exhibition booth, we chose different colourful images of people and animals to create an African atmosphere.
  • Long curtains and banners create a sense of calm, height, and atmosphere in the booth. We chose curtains in black hessian, which provided a fantastic contrast to the colourful banners. Plus, they helped dampen the sounds from other stands.

  • Create a relatable atmosphere. Regarding Africa Tours, we decided to create a dedicated area with sand on the floor, like on the savannah, a couple of Karen Blixen lounge chairs, and a wooden chest. The goal was for guests to imagine sitting there, looking out over the savannah, and observing the wild animals.
  • Lighting in the booth is important to create the right ambience. At Africa Tours booth, we took two approaches. We used spotlighting on the colourful banners to highlight the universe of Africa. In other areas of the booth, we chose a cosy and dim lighting. Over the counter, for example, we used basket lamps with incandescent bulbs. It created a beautiful glow and added a touch of cosiness. In fact, it gave the feeling of a sunrise or sunset.
  • Groups of tables and chairs with different heights provide the opportunity to meet and talk with visitors according to their needs. Some visitors may want to sit with a staff member and discuss specific travel options, while others may prefer to stand at a high table and ask a few questions before moving on.

Please note: These tips can easily be used for the design of other exhibition booths as well.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere with Rustic Pieces of Furniture

Start by selecting pieces of furniture made from natural materials such as wood, metal, and leather. Consider including recycled or upcycled elements, which not only add character but also emphasize a sustainable message.


Ensure that your booth not only looks good, but also functions efficiently. Incorporate storage into the design of your stand to keep it tidy.

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Rustic Tables

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Include plants or green elements to bring a touch of nature into the stand and to add a fresh, vibrant feeling.

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