Lamps are one of the largest must-haves in any decor! And we can reveal that we are very fond of lamps and think a lot about upcycling in the design processes. You may never underestimate the atmosphere a lamp can add a room, - it's actually pure magic. Lamps are not only a matter of light - it's also a matter of style and design, they should be nice to look at, both off and lit.  The different types of lamps each have their advantage, therefore we have a distinguished selection of pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps.

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Create ambience and atmosphere with a lamp by Trademark Living

The light sources we use in our homes help to create ambience, and it’s fun to experiment with arranging lamps to provide the best lighting and, at the same time, grace your home. Trademark Living’s range includes pendant lighting, table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps and LED bulbs. Whatever type of lamp and lighting your home needs for that final touch, you can find it here.

Pendant lighting

Trademark Living’s range of pendant lighting can be used in all rooms, and it’s easy to choose individual lamps or several that can be combined in different ways. The range includes different styles of pendant lighting in varying, raw materials: perforated iron, hand-woven bamboo and wood. Our iron lamps are available in different colours – iron and brass, antique blue, antique white, green, yellow and red. You can choose a traditional factory-style pendant lamp that will complement most interiors. If you want a lamp that draws attention to itself, you can choose a lamp made of old bicycle wheels, for example, or a pendant lamp made of old tractor lights.

Table lamps

A table lamp is ideal for illuminating your office desk, or as ambient lighting on a chest of drawers, or as bedside lighting, for example. Trademark Living table lamps have a rugged, factory-style appearance, and many of them are made from recycled materials. For example, you can choose a table lamp made of old moped parts, lamps made of old car lights or a bicycle pedal, or table lamps made of screw clamps or old saw blades. These creative table lamps bring both light and personality into your home.

Wall lights

A wall light can give the room focus and create light exactly where you need it and, at the same time, the light creates a cosy ambience. Trademark Living’s wall lights are rustic in appearance and fit in perfectly with contemporary décor. The range includes old-style wall lights, for example in the style of old lanterns. You can also choose a wall lamp in raw materials such as cast iron, or old industrial lamps with a patina.

Floor lamps

When you’re busy creating the right ambience for your home, it’s important to include a floor lamp in cosy corners. A floor lamp can help provide a good reading light or lighting for needlework. In addition to being practical, Trademark Living floor lamps are little works of art in their own right. Our floor lamps have an industrial, simple look, and several of the floor lamps reuse materials that have been upcycled. For example, the range includes floor lamps made from old scooters and ship’s lamps. Several of Trademark Living’s floor lamps are one-of-a-kind – totally unique. Among other things, you may be lucky enough to find an old ship’s floodlight.

LED bulbs

Your Trademark Living lamp needs the right bulbs to produce light, so, obviously, it’s a great idea to add them to your order. We have many different LED bulbs to choose from, and they are all dimmable.  

Find raw, upcycled and industrial lamps at Trademark Living

Fancy seeing our wide range of raw and one of a kind lamps for yourself? If so, remember we have a 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before visiting to avoid disappointment, and so that we’ll be able to give you the time and attention you need.