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Multi-functional trolleys and tray tables

Our trolleys and tray tables are extremely versatile and can be used in many places in your home. Use a tray table for storage in the kitchen or bathroom, replace the traditional bedside table with a trolley, or use a trolley as an alternative and decorative plant trolley in the living room for a more personal touch. The possibilities are endless and with the added mobility that the wheels offer, you can easily and quickly move your table to a new location in the home/shop should you change your mind or come up with a new, creative idea.

Do you need knick-knacks for your trolley? Browse our wonderful range of decorations, sculptures, vases, pots and much more that can take your decor to the next level.

Serving trolley or bar cart on wheels – why not both?

If you need trolleys and tray trolleys for professional purposes, these trolleys are ideal as a serving trolley for your restaurant, as a mobile bar cart for mixing delicious cocktails at the guest table or as a mobile storage solution for the kitchen. While your serving trolley or trolley should primarily serve a practical function, here's a great opportunity to add the finishing touch to your customers' overall experience by choosing a trolley that matches your restaurant, café, or hotel style.