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Practical and neat storage space

Boxes and baskets are a fantastic addition to your home, office, or business if you need space to store books, kitchenware, clothes, small items etc. Many people choose to use plastic storage boxes and baskets, which are functional but not always pretty. At Trademark Living, we sell lovely boxes in wood and metal, which are functional and do not need to be hidden in a cupboard or under a bed - on the contrary, they can be displayed on a bookcase or a shelf.

Old wooden boxes, chests, and brick moulds

In our range of boxes and baskets, you can often find beautiful, old wooden boxes, chests, and brick moulds. We continuously add boxes, chests, and brick moulds to the range when our suppliers have found one or more of the wonderful storage solutions in wood. Wooden boxes and chests fit particularly well into a modern, Nordic interior style, in which the organic wood adds a rustic and natural element to the interior. Use a nice brick mould in the bathroom to store shampoo or toothpaste, in the kitchen for your spices, or if you are extra creative, the brick mould can also be used to make your own seasonal decorations.