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Vintage barrels – a rustic and stylish addition to the decor

Does the interior lack an extra, inspiring twist? With beautiful, old barrels in wonderful colours or with a raw and rustic patina, you can add an eye-catching and creative element to your decor. The lovely, patinated barrels are of course decorative as they are. However, if you want to make the barrel functional, you can add a plastic insert. The plastic insert instantly transforms an old, used barrel into a stylish waste bin, laundry basket, umbrella holder or even a jar for a large plant or a small tree.

Authentic upcycling

There is a good reason why all our beautiful barrels exude authenticity and a rustic, industrial atmosphere. The barrels originally come from India, where they have been used for storage or other industrial purposes. Consequently, a barrel from the range may have contained everything from wax or printer ink to rice and grain. Patina and dents have thus arisen after many years of use, and now that the barrels can no longer be used for their original purpose, you can give them a new life as a rustic and upcycled interior item. Many of the barrels are part of our One of a Kind selection, so you need to act quickly if you fall in love with one of these beauties.