How to decorate an educational institution without an institutional character!

How does that make sense you might be thinking? But for many boarding schools or educational institutions, this task can actually lead to more and happier "users" of the school. “Young people may not consciously think about the interior design at their school. But you can tell when they find that their school is a nice place.”. Read here how the headmaster, Knud Strange, talks about their thoughts when the Danish educational institution - Skanderborg Ungdomsskole - had a major interior design assignment.

On an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, we meet Knud Strange, who welcomes us in the parking lot in front of one of his organization's schools. Immediately we get the impression that this is a headmaster who loves his job. Knud undoubtedly represents an organization that has recognized the importance of creating an atmosphere that is far from the "norm" of an ordinary elementary school.


” We have created inspiring environments “

The students have the day off, so Knud takes the time to show us around. All over the school grounds there are muted pastel colors on the walls and small alcoves where you can sit alone or in pairs and work on assignments with concentration. "With the soft but beautiful colors on the walls and the small cozy corners, we try to create a welcoming environment in which both students and staff feel comfortable."

The furniture of this school is made of a mixture of rustic wood, leather, and iron. One finds few of the plywood furniture that one often sees in ordinary Danish elementary schools. Knud explains to us: “Especially with our special school offer, we thought about the interior design very carefully. We work with a group of young people who had conflicts in primary school and are now on their way to a special school. Therefore, we thought: At least what they shouldn't find is an interior design that looks like the one in an ordinary school! Because, unfortunately, almost all school furniture on the market looks like institutional furniture. However, with Trademark Living furniture we can create stimulating environments.”

After the tour of the school, we make ourselves comfortable in the canteen. Here, students and teachers eat together every day at tables/benches that create a cozy street food atmosphere. The tables were custom-made in Germany according to the wishes of the special school.

A win-win situation for the entire organization

“We hired a local young woman to do this job, which is about creating a school that doesn't look like a school but is a fun place for everyone. She did a fabulous job. The interior design promotes coziness and team spirit. It's amazing to feel the positive impact on both students and staff, and Trademark Living has played a big part,” says Knud Strange, continuing, “The institutional pieces of furniture are very expensive. At Trademark Living, the money usually stretches twice as far, and on top of that you get twice the visual expression. It's a pure win-win situation.”

Valuable tips from Knud

How to decorate an educational institution without an institutional character!

  1. Find someone in the organization who is interested in interior design and has the time to research the possibilities, because you won't find this type of furniture if you look for school furniture.
  2. Take a critical look at the furniture offers you receive. Many get an insanely expensive offer from a regular supplier of school furniture, which they readily accept. That's just a shame.
  3. Consider how important the interior design of an educational institution actually is. In our opinion, for example, the furniture from Trademark Living is very special when it comes to coziness and a great atmosphere.
  4. Try to buy some furniture to support the lessons. For example, we have a radio studio with a TV sign from the 1980s. Then you know what this room is all about.
  5. If you have handy people in the organization, you can make the unique pieces of furniture more practical yourself. For example, we have self-made rails under the bar tables that we bought from Trademark Living. Therefore, the students can hang the wonderful bar stools under the tables when leaving the seating area.



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