Trademark Living Darlings

At Trademark Living, we love furniture that has a story. This is reflected in our range, where you'll find many pieces from India that have served various functions in private homes, large events, or public institutions such as schools, hospitals, or even the military.

Some other products were created while visiting our suppliers, where a bright idea was hastily sketched with chalk on a stone floor as if it were a cave painting. This prehistoric design approach does not always hit the mark, but our scribblings have led to a range of products that have endured many years in our collection because both you and... well, we too... love their timeless expression. This post is about the latter.

Living for Longevity

This classic Trademark Living dining chair was first produced in 2010 and remains one of our bestsellers to this day. You have DEFINITELY wondered what the 'FST10' emblem on our popular Living chairs actually means, and here is the answer:

The letters 'F' and 'S' in the emblem are not just random letters found during a game of spin the bottle – no, they represent the first names of our owners Annette and Jan's children. You might now wonder, "Where does the 'T' come in?" The 'T' does not represent the kg indication for tons, but rather the proud family surname Thormann, which ties our entire furniture circus together with a neat bow.

Now, we come to the mysterious number '10'. It's not the number of times Annette and Jan have stubbed their toes on a Living chair (although that's also likely), but it refers to the golden year 2010 when the very first Living chair was introduced.

The next time you sit on a Living chair, remember this entertaining background story – it will surely make the sitting experience ten times more fun!

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Thormann Lamp – Made by Jan

Some have a shoe fetish, others a latex and leather fetish, here at Trademark Living, we have our own Jan Thormann, who has a great lamp fetish. The Thormann lamp is the first lamp Jan had produced in India, and naturally, it was named after him!

12 years after the first shipment landed in our warehouse, this rustic darling is still one of our bestsellers, and the collection has only grown since. Today, you can get the lamp in two different sizes and a wide range of colours, from patinated to golden to marbled to raw.

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Magnum Display Cabinet – Bloggers' Favourite

This fantastic display cabinet in black lacquered iron has it all. Large capacity, shelves, and glass on both the front and sides. The Magnum cabinet is as delicious as its chocolate-coated namesake, but we would not encourage you to take a bite out of the cabinet. It's not because of the name, but this cabinet is the piece of furniture we receive the most inquiries about from bloggers – and we understand why. The cabinet is a timeless, raw display cabinet with a super cool industrial look that fits beautifully in both classic and modern homes.

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Charismatic Kassi Cases and Vintage Woody Wooden Bowls

If you know even a little about Trademark Living, you might already be aware that behind many products lies a text along the lines of: "IMPORTANT, each product is unique in colour, size, and finish." And although that means you won't always get an exact copy of what you've seen in the shop, these are products you love! Take, for example, our Kassi boxes or our Woody wooden bowls. They can be quite different each time we get a new shipment, but nevertheless, we repeatedly sell out because... well, our guess is:

  • You love rustic, old wooden products
  • You love recycling - but then again, is there really anyone who outright hates recycling?
  • You like the idea that no one else in the world has a dish or a box just like yours
  • You are into products that are timeless and already have a long story to tell
  • You just think the products are beautiful

And so, we plan to keep bringing these Trademark classics home until we've scoured the Indian market for them. And who knows, maybe there's a couple more months left.


Console Tables with a Colourful Past

15 years ago, not many would have believed that console tables, which had previously been used as catering tables at large weddings and public events in India, would become such a hit. In 2024, they are still a bestseller. Maybe it's because they are repaired in a cool, raw way with pieces of iron, maybe it's because they can be folded, maybe it's because you can get matching benches, maybe it's because... [insert why you love them]. We certainly think it's festive to consider that the tables have displayed a colourful array of dishes like spicy tandoori chicken, delicious samosas, and colourful fruits and vegetables to equally colourful and festively dressed guest’s characteristic of Indian events.

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One of a Kind – Also Called the "Buy Now or Cry Later" Category

We know that One of a Kind is not a specific product, but rather an entire category of unique products that we only get in one piece. But, because this collection is one of our "Trademarks" (HA HA, got that?), we clearly think it should be included in our post about Trademark Living Darlings.

Some of the unique products that have filled this category over time include:

  • Old beautiful display cabinets that have as much personality as the world's best grandma
  • Beautifully decorated doors that could tell stories from before your great-grandmother could reach the door handle
  • Weathered old barrels that have seen more seasons change than you've watched Netflix series
  • Giant pots that could hold all your secrets (and that's probably not a few)
  • Vintage ship lamps that have seen more shooting stars than a romantic film festival

Every single gem in this category is handpicked and most often on one of our adventurous trips to India, where we always make a detour to the "yard," which we usually call the treasure chamber. It is on these treasure hunts that we find all that recycled gold for you. This is where the magic happens, and where we fill our One of a Kind collection with things that make your hearts beat a little faster. So, remember – buy now or prepare your tear ducts for overtime!

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