The icing on the cake

Luxurious suede bags for any occasion

Trademark Living has added this wonderful suede material to its collection of leather bags and cushion covers. As well as being practical, suede bags are also more feminine, with softer styling than leather bags, because suede is naturally soft to the touch. However, we haven’t compromised on the minimalist, luxurious look! What we have done is add suede versions of 3 of our best-selling bags. See, for example, the dark green or camel Alpha clutch, which will add some luxury and elegance to your outfit.
The suede cushions are luxuriously soft and ooze aesthetics and quality. The cushion covers are designed in the Nordic style, which fits well with natural-look home interiors, one of the big trends of our time. But, the great thing about natural shades and materials for cushions is that they’re classic and lasting. So, you’ll be able to enjoy your new cushion cover for many years to come.


Looking after leather/suede

Trademark Living recommends always impregnating leather products before use, whether bags, cushions, or other accessories. This protects your newly purchased leather/suede product from wear and tear. It also makes the products less sensitive to dirt and moisture, so they retain their good looks for longer. We recommend this treatment for your bag twice a year as the seasons change. Remember to use impregnation that’s suitable for the type of leather/suede, and always test a small section first to check for any reaction. 


Caring for your leather products

The outside of the animal hide is used to produce leather. Leather has a smoother appearance than suede, for example, and may show textural variation or minor blemishes. Leather is one of the highest quality hides used for making bags and is therefore also very popular. To protect your leather bag from moisture and dirt, we recommend impregnating your bag before use. This preserves the bag’s natural look and significantly improves its longevity. The process can be repeated as needed.

As leather is a natural product, the colour may fade when exposed to sun and rain, so we also recommend using a leather conditioner to restore the colour and keep the bag looking fresh and new. Follow the instructions that come with your leather conditioner, and repeat once or twice a year. It’s smart to impregnate the bag again after cleaning. That way, you can look forward to enjoying a beautiful quality bag for many years.

Handy tip! Unfortunately, it’s probably not possible to prevent your bag from getting dirty, especially in daily use. Light-coloured leather bags does tend to show any dirt or moisture. You can try using white soap flakes to gently remove any dirt from your bag. Allow the bag to dry at room temperature and repeat if the dirt has not disappeared. It’s important to clean your bag gently, with light, circular motions.


Caring for your suede products

Suede is split leather, using the inside of the hide, with a very distinctive texture. Suede is more delicate than leather, for example. That’s why it’s important to use products specially designed to protect and clean suede. To protect your suede product from grease, water, and dirt, we recommend that you impregnate your bag before use. This treatment builds a barrier against dirt and stains, thus maintaining the bag’s natural appearance and longevity. Repeat the process as needed, preferably once or twice a year. Use a non-silicone spray, as silicone can easily stain suede.

If you get dirt or water on your suede product, it can be tempting to try to clean stains with water, but suede and water are not best friends, so try to avoid this, as the water can create new stains. Instead, gently use a suede brush on the stain; be sure to brush in the direction of the fibres. For a stubborn stain, it may be necessary to use water; if so, you should clean the entire product to prevent discolorations from forming. Use the suede brush to apply a small amount of water all over the suede product and try to scrub only the stained area.

For more stubborn stains, it may be necessary to find a specialist product for cleaning suede. Remember, you’ll need to clean the entire product to avoid discoloration.