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Special Christmas Decorations

Inspired by the Nordic Christmas, we have created a collection of Christmas decorations that celebrate the raw and simple with a feminine touch. The Christmas collection includes a mix of Christmas trees, Christmas stars, iron cones, hearts, candleholders, and Advent candleholders in iron and leather, inviting you to decorate a beautiful Christmas table in Nordic style. The large stars and hearts can be hung from the ceiling to create a beautiful sky filled with love and stardust. Our iron Christmas trees can be mixed and matched to create a lovely Christmas landscape. The choice of materials pairs beautifully with the beauty of nature such as spruce and pine branches, creating a simple and beautiful ambience.

For many, Christmas is something truly special, the "Festival of Hearts." A time filled with cosy traditions and customs. At Trademark Living, we love Christmas, and in designing our Christmas decorations, we have placed great emphasis on staying true to the company's DNA, so the articles harmonize beautifully with the rest of our range.

With this collection of Christmas decorations, the Christmas season can last all the way to Easter!

Christmas decorations 2024

Could the contents of your big box of Christmas decorations need refreshing? At Trademark Living, you’ll find a wide selection of Christmas decorations for 2024, whether you’re into the minimalist style or you go all-in. We’ve taken the classic forms of Christmas decorations such as Christmas cones, Christmas stars, Christmas hearts, and Christmas trees and interpreted them in a contemporary, stylish, and more rustic version. Most of the decorations are made of iron, and some selected styles are covered in leather. The recurring colours are black, grey, and brown. These materials and hues interact beautifully with the pine branches, cones, and other natural elements, which in recent years have also become a big trend and form a large part of this year’s Christmas decorations.
Most of the Christmas decorations are available in several sizes, but many can easily add a Christmas atmosphere as stand-alone items. It’s also fashionable to hang or put matching Christmas decorations as pairs in several sizes. And, if you want to create a WOW effect, mix and match several of our Christmas trees in a Christmas landscape with a few spruce branches and cones, or hang a whole sky of our stars or hearts on leather cords.  
So, there’s plenty of scope for finding just the right Christmas decorations to match your style and traditions. Whether you’re looking for Christmas decorations for your windows, looking for an easy solution for this year’s Advent wreath, or if you just want to be inspired by browsing 2024’s Christmas decorations, you can find them on this page.

Something for everyone

Our Advent candle offering for 2024 is an iron ring with space for four candles. The design of the candle holder is raw and unique, with a cool black surface that shows traces of the production process. A perfectly imperfect candle holder.
The candle holder can of course be used as an Advent candle holder, but it can just as easily be used all year round to create a cosy atmosphere. Hang it from the ceiling or place it on a table. The Advent candle holder is cool in its own right with a few beautiful candles, but you can also decorate it with seasonal bows or other natural elements and, if you hang it from the ceiling, you can hang Christmas decorations from the candle holder.  
If you’re not into the classic Advent wreath, you can also find alternative solutions in the form of our black or iron candle holder. If you want to keep things plain and simple, you can also just choose to put four of the candle holders together as a pleasant tableau. If you’d rather use tea lights, our perforated iron Christmas trees are available in small and large sizes; a perfect offering for the very cosiest of Advent decorations. You could combine the two sizes for a contemporary Christmas look, if you wish. In 2024, almost anything goes when it comes to interpreting the classic Advent wreath.

Rustic and raw Christmas cones

Did you know that the Christmas cones are one of the oldest types of Christmas tree decorations? The oldest known Christmas cone is from 1866. It has an illustration of a brave soldier swinging on a beech twig. Great, eh? Traditionally, the Christmas cone was filled with treats such as peppercorns, confectionery, or sweets, and many still follow this pleasant tradition, to the great delight of children and the young-at-heart.
Trademark Living’s version of the Christmas cone is made of iron. So you can be sure they won’t go out of shape, even after many years of use. The Christmas cones each have a leather cord for hanging and are available in small and large versions.
These rustic Christmas cones look raw and cool hanging in the window or on a branch just as they are. The Christmas cones are also incredibly beautiful when decorated with eucalyptus branches, spruce, cones, or whatever natural decoration you are into. Perforated iron Christmas cones will also look great with little pieces of wood and a string of lights. The perforated iron versions are also available in a small or large size.
The Christmas hanger is contemporary and yet classic and timeless, and it’s an investment in lots of great, pleasant Christmas moments for years to come.

Iron Christmas trees

The raw and rustic iron Christmas trees by Trademark Living have become a tremendous success and, with the expansion of the collection, we now hope to be able to make even more of our wonderful customers happy. All the Christmas trees have an iron base, several of which are covered with leather or suede in a delightful shade of brown; one is painted black, and two others are made of perforated iron, where the most beautiful light can sparkle out through the holes. The Christmas trees can stand on your windowsill, on a wall rack, or serve as a wonderful decoration on your Christmas table.
The large iron Christmas tree can stand on a sideboard or on the floor of your shop or restaurant. The Christmas tree looks stylish and cool in its own right, but, since it is magnetic, you can also choose to decorate it in your very own way using magnets. You could even decide to display it with your favourite knick-knacks, or other favourite Christmas decorations.  
We’ve added a small, perforated iron Christmas tree so it can now spread sparkling Christmas lights alongside the large version. And, alongside our Christmas trees with a leather upholstered top, both small and large, we’ve added a most beautiful suede version. The leather trees come with an iron foot.
All our Christmas trees look great together, so you can mix and match the height and shape of your Christmas trees. In addition, the raw materials fit in well with the brown and green tones of nature, so you can place them on moss or combine them with fir cones or spruce bows to make a cool and stylish Christmas decoration.

Christmas decorations for shop windows

Are you looking for rustic Christmas decorations for your shop windows, cool and stylish Christmas decorations that fit well into the Nordic style, or something to spread Christmas cheer throughout the store? Then we have lots of great propositions for you.
Our iron Christmas cones with leather hangers will look great on a winter twig in your shop window. They can be decorated with spruce or fir cones, or you can add a string of lights to create a beautiful, warm atmosphere in your shop windows. If you like, you could mix and match them with our star, which has a leather strap.
If you have plenty of space and you’re looking to make an impact, you can spread fantastic Christmas cheer by hanging lots of our stars as a cluster on leather cords. They’re available in sizes x-large, large, and medium. If you’re more into hearts, the corresponding ones are available in large, medium, and small.
Explore the page and find just the right Christmas decorations to spread Christmas cheer in your shop, restaurant, or home.