Taylor old bike chain coat rack

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Item no.: D1516
Colli: 2 Pcs.
Colour: Dark with patina
IMPORTANT each item is unique in colour and finish
Material: Iron
Product features: Original old
Size: H:29 cm x W:64 cm x D:25 cm
Deviating dimensions
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Product description

Upcycling - we used the bike chain and pedals from an old bike and added fittings to create a new and unique coat rack including 5 S-hooks. Made from old bike parts, this coat rack will add a rough and rustic look and a fun and different touch to your decor. The coat rack can be hung in many different rooms in both your home and your shop. Hang it in your hallway, bedroom, workshop, or in the store's dressing room. For those who think sustainably when shopping.

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Taylor old bike chain coat rack



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