Ruby leather strap with iron ring

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Item no.: M1579
Colli: 10 Pcs.
Colour: Brown
IMPORTANT each item is unique in colour and finish
Material: Iron | Leather
Product features: Clear powder coated | Leather is a natural product | and there will be variation in both color | appearance and surface. Small scratches and scars are natural - not a defect. They makes every single product unique.
Size: H:40 cm x W:9 cm x D:1 cm
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Product description

Elegant, strong and functional leather strap with iron ring. You can decorate your walls with these beautiful leather straps and use them in the kitchen to hang tea towels, in the bathroom to hang your towels, in the bedroom or the hallway to hang your scarves. The leather straps are elegant and luxurious in their design, making them perfect for creating a stylish element in your decor. There is a small ring at the top of the leather strap so it is easy to hang on the wall.

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Ruby leather strap with iron ring



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