Here’s our take on contemporary floor lamps with an industrial look. The range of Trademark Living floor lamps is comprised of a mix of new and old. Many of our floor lamps are newly produced and made of iron, but you will also find authentic old ship lamps, floodlights and industrial lamps as well as upcycled floor lamps. Common to all these lamps is that they can make a positive difference in your décor, and that they are all CE approved.

Please note: All Trademark Living floor lamps are equipped with switches and male connectors. The lamps have an E27 socket, which fits our beautiful, handmade LED bulbs, that are sold separately on this page.

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Large selection of industrial, contemporary and exclusive floor lamps and standard lamps

At Trademark Living, we have a large selection of contemporary floor lamps for your industrial décor. Forget all about an old standard lamp with a fabric lampshade, but instead go for our exclusive floor lamps in a simple, masculine design, where soft lampshades are replaced by raw lampshades or perforated lampshades made of iron, which will give your décor a masculine, industrial look.

Practical contemporary floor lamps and standard lamps

Floor lamps and standard lamps are extremely practical for your décor. because they’re easy to place and move around. All they require is a nearby power socket to create cosy mood lighting or spotlight a dingy corner. If you combine them with our pendant lighting, table lamps and wall lights, you’re sure to create lots of brilliant lighting for your décor. 

Add edge to your décor with upcycled floor lamps

If you’re looking for décor using recyclable materials, our creative upcycled floor lamps are a sure hit. Because, here, we’ve played with the design and created some fantastic raw floor lamps using parts from original old scooters – ingenious recycling that will add extra edge to your décor through recycling solutions.

Raw vintage ship’s floodlights and industrial lamps for industrial-style décor

We also love old maritime floodlights with patina that harbour unique, fascinating tales from the seven seas. An old ship’s floodlight or rugged iron and metal industrial floor lamps are great for lighting up a dark corner or as a large, cool eye-catcher in a showroom or meeting room. A floodlight floor lamp requires space around it, but gives so much in return. You might be lucky enough to find a one of a kind ship’s floodlight here.

Decorative LED vintage-style globe bulbs for your floor lamp

Complete your floor lamp and the industrial style with our large, decorative, vintage-style LED bulbs. These beautiful retro bulbs with their visible filaments create wonderfully cosy lighting for your home or restaurant, and are very popular with our customers. The beautiful, dimmable LED bulbs with their golden light can be used in all our floor lamps.

Need help using floor lamps or lighting to set the mood?

Lighting for the home, hotel room or restaurant really matters. The right lighting can create ambience and complement your décor. Do you want inspiration for lighting your home, restaurant or shop with raw, contemporary floor lamps by Trademark Living? Or do you need help choosing just the right floor lamp to add the finishing touch to your entrance hall or meeting room? Then visit our 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before +45 7024 1644 before visiting to avoid and to enable us to give you the time and attention you need. If you’re a personal customer who has fallen in love with our rugged floor lamps, search here to find a retailer near you.