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Decoratively designed one-of-a-kind home accessories, home interiors and utility art

Trademark Living offers the perfect mix of the top current trends with wide-ranging applications for utility art and home accessories, which can make your shop, office or home décor truly unique.
The sky’s the limit for home interiors! Ornaments and decorations help to create personality in the home and creating your own little tableaux is fun, too. But it can be difficult to strike the delicate balance of avoiding visual “noise”. Feel your way to starting to shape your décor right here.

Dinner setting

Trademark Living’s range of dinner setting products helps you create exceptional dinner parties at home. These products also fit perfectly in cafés and restaurants.
Our glass jugs and drinking glasses are elegant and, at the same time, rustic in their styling. The products are available in different colours, so you’re guaranteed to choose a glass product that suits your personal décor when you’re after an outstanding dinner setting.
If you want a rustic and masculine style for your restaurant or café, black leather cutlery pouches for your table setting are an obvious place to start. The style can be completed by dressing the waiters in Trademark Living’s server aprons with pockets, available in black or brown leather. The range also includes quality chef’s aprons in black or brown leather.

Trays, dishes and bowls

You can find a large selection of trays, dishes and bowls at Trademark Living. The range includes trays, dishes and bowls in many different sizes and materials; for example, we have products made of paper-mâché, black marble, white marble, brass, wood and zinc. Some of the products are genuinely old and therefore have a patina and a contemporary, worn look. If you like a raw or rustic style, you’re guaranteed to find a product that suits your personal décor.
Trays, dishes and bowls all have many uses – they can be used for serving, display or as knick-knacks in their own right. If you choose an authentic old bread mould or cake mould, you’re guaranteed a stand-out element in your décor, as well as a practical product. A traditional Indian singing bowl will adorn any home, and can at the same time be used for meditation and relaxation.

Chopping boards and charcuterie boards

Serve tapas or cheese to your guests or customers on a chopping board or platter by Trademark Living. Every kitchen should include a beautiful and decorative wood or marble chopping board or charcuterie board.
Choosing a wooden chopping board rather than, for example, a plastic one does not mean compromising on either functionality, aesthetics or design. We have chopping boards and charcuterie boards in different shapes and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find a product that suits your kitchen.

Candle holders and lanterns

When you want to have fun and create a pleasant ambience, it’s always a good idea to light candles. Trademark Living’s selection of candle holders and lanterns includes products in different styles and materials. For example, you can choose antique-look lanterns or a candle holder made of old table legs and old handcuffs, which are guaranteed to attract attention as a distinctive element in your décor.
If your style is elegant and Nordic, a simple iron candle holder, perhaps brass-coloured, is an obvious choice. If you have small children or animals, a wall candle holder will of course be the obvious choice.

Jars, pots and mugs

Using rustic jars, for example made of clay, stoneware or cast iron, can add a raw element to your décor. You can choose to mix materials and styles to create a totally unique display of jars, pots and mugs by Trademark Living. The jars can be used for different kinds of displays. For example, you could decide to keep dried branches, peacock feathers, flowers or candles in the pitcher. Imagination is the only limit – but do bear in mind that several of these products can’t hold water. 

Vases and bottles

You can create a cosy atmosphere in your home or office with glass vases and bottles by Trademark Living. Our range of glass vases and glass bottles is available in many shapes and colours, and all contribute to an exciting and rustic look – and can be varied endlessly depending on how you choose to style the products. Our glass products are primarily made of recycled glass, and are decorative in themselves, but can also be used for fresh flowers or as candle holders.
Our vases and bottles are available in different colours, sizes and styles. They’re beautiful on their own, and also complement each other if you choose to display them combined.

You’ll find all kinds of utility art, home interiors and decorations at Trademark Living

Fancy seeing our wide range of home accessories for yourself? If so, remember we have a 500 m² B2B showroom in Skanderborg where dealers and sole traders are always welcome. Please phone before visiting to avoid disappointment, and so that we’ll be able to give you the time and attention you need.