What is a decoration without nice personal home accessories and decorative knick-knacks? Make it unique by decorating and displaying your home accessories in small stilleben. A good trick is to put things together at different heights and a rule of thumb is to assemble your groups in '3-5-8' and like in a mix of shades that match each other and with different shapes and structures. Do not overdo with home accessories everywhere, but nicely place them in a group on top of a disc, one in the window and one where the decoration is gathered on a dish on the table. Regardless the style you prefer, you will find an exciting selection of home accessories for you to decorate with, and you will for sure add you own personal touch. 

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Be inspired by the wide selection of decorative and distinctive knick-knacks by Trademark Living.
Here you’ll find ideas to potentially help give your décor that ‘little extra’.
Whether you’re looking for beautiful, distinctive, and practical knick-knacks for your windowsill, wall, hallway, table, café, hotel room or anywhere else, you can definitely find something here.
Knick-knacks help to add the finishing touch. Add your own personal touch to your décor and grace your home with decorative accessories, intermingled with heirlooms and other goodies from your stash. Knick-knacks help to give your home décor lots of cosiness and personality.


At Trademark Living, you’ll find a wide selection of knick-knacks in various materials such as wood, stone, iron, steel, and leather – all materials that can contribute to a great ambience in the room.

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