"It was love at first sight, when I met Trademark Living at the Formex Fair in Stockholm"

Jessica Eriksson met Trademark Living at the Formex fair in 2011 and, according to her, it was "love at first sight". Jessica fell head over heels in love with the recycled and upcycled furniture, the cool mix of old and new items, and the way Trademark Living manages to combine e.g., iron and leather. “After 10 years I still love Trademark Living and their raw and rustic style. They have a recognizable and recurring theme, and they manage to keep up to date and add new products that are easily combinable with the atmospheric interior design universe of the existing products that I already know and love. It's also great that the pieces of furniture have the most wonderful patina and that they are so easy to style with other products from my suppliers."

Modern and rustic hotel feeling

We talk to Jessica on a slightly foggy, cloudy, and cold February day, but the mood is unmistakable. It is far from being grey and boring, as Jessica is about to finish a huge project she's been working on for the last year. A split-level so-called office hotel located in the new Östre Fyrislund district of Uppsala. The new office hotel 750 is a combination of modern offices on the ground floor and 1st floor and a large beautiful open space for party and event rental.



”I am very satisfied and happy with the result”

Jessica was responsible for the decor, and it was important to her that the whole project had a modern and rustic hotel feeling. She says passionately about the project: “In fact, I knew straight away that this interior design project should be based on Trademark Living furniture and interiors, as I had previously created cool and authentic interiors with this recycled vibe with great success.” She further explains: “I fell in love with the industrial perforated iron Moonlight lamps, so I knew I would build the downstairs facility using the lamps with the incredibly beautiful light. I imagined they would be very cool hanging high from the ceiling with the raw rustic round wooden tables underneath. Elsewhere in the room I chose the three-meter-long unique dining tables and in the lounge area I placed the comfortable and awesome James lounge chairs. I am very happy with the result. The facility is as exquisite, as I could have dreamed of”.

No stress with Trademark Living
However, the project occasionally required her to keep her head cool, as there were delays in the delivery of building materials. "That's why it's also a dream scenario when you get your 22 pallets from Trademark Living on time during the furnishing phase so that you can finally start making everything perfect," says Jessica with a smile and continues: "The process was quite stressful at times, but never with Mads from Trademark Living. I trusted him fully and felt good the whole time. Mads was incredibly helpful and followed up on my order until the final stage.”

Enthusiasm among tenants

Now Jessica is looking forward to the new tenants arriving with their moving boxes, and life in the house can begin. “The tenants are very enthusiastic about the authentic and pleasant working atmosphere. In fact, the offices are already fully booked. The first bookings for company parties and sporting events have also come in, and I can't wait to welcome clients to this fantastic setting."


Get to know Hugo W Concept

1. Hugo W Concept was founded in September 2012 as a local combined restaurant/bistro and interior design company.

2. Jessica is a passionate interior design consultant and designed different ambiences in the shop. Among other things, she had great success with the design of living and bistro areas, which were very often based on furniture from Trademark Living. The store was constantly being remodeled, as Jessica kept selling an entire setup to a bistro or restaurant that loved her style.

3. Jessica admired the Living chairs from the start, and she has no idea how many of these chairs she's sold over the years. But she says: “I love the timelessness of these chairs. The fact that there is also a bar stool with the same shape is simply brilliant.”

4. 3 years ago Jessica decided to close the bistro and shop, as she was more interested in focusing on the interior design part. Several real estate agents benefit from this decision. They call Jessica when they want to get a house ready for sale.

5. Jessica is now considering reviving the old concept with a Saturday-only pop-up store, in which she will sell interior products from her suppliers.

We would like to thank @sebastianthorenphotography for the great photos.

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