Benn marble chopping board

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Item no.: D16414
Colli: 5 Pcs.
Colour: White
IMPORTANT each item is unique in colour and finish
Material: Marble
Product features: Since marble is a natural material each product will be unique in colour and texture
Size: H:1.5 cm x W:30 cm x D:22 cm
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Product description

You can use both sides of a marble chopping board for chopping or serving e.g. cheese and tapas. The light marble chopping board is decorative in itself, and will look great in your kitchen as a board to display your oils, salt and herbs on. When it comes to hygiene, marble is the ideal material for chopping boards or serving dishes, as it is not porous and so doesn’t absorb liquids. To clean the marble chopping board, simply use water and soap. Dishwasher not recommended.

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