»We are thrilled with the raw interior from Trademark Living, which has given our office space a very cozy and unique atmosphere«

In an urban area close to the waterfront and with a great view over the Eastern Harbour of Aalborg, the inspiring real estate agency is situated with a perfect, beautiful and industrial décor. Created in a blend between the rustic harbour environment, beautiful recycled materials and upcycled interior.

A sustainable interior design focusing on recycling and upcycling
Sustainability, recycling and an industrial style were important parameters for co-owner and real estate agent Jette Gudiksen’s layout of the office. She had a clear picture of exactly what she wanted. So she didn’t doubt for a moment when she heard about Trademark Living’s concept of raw furniture in recycled materials and an industrial interior with an edge: »Wow! That’s it!«

A good experience for the customers
The aim of designing the office in the old harbour environment was to create a fun and different space that would give the customers a good experience when they visited the real estate agency in the Eastern Habour – still with great respect and in deep connection with its industrial and historic surroundings.   


Customers are excited about the décor 

At Thorkild Kristensen the white walls and a neutral décor often associated with a common real estate agency are replaced with recycled furniture, upcycled interiors and an edgy décor that excites customers.

»It’s fun to tell customers about the good stories behind the décor« says Jette Gudiksen. There are many good conversation topics in the attractive rooms on the harbour, which are inspired by furniture and carpets in recycled materials, upcycled interiors and original old vintage cinema benches – all of which help bring the interior to life.

An incredibly cozy office décor
»We are thrilled with the raw interior of Trademark Living, which has given our office space a very cozy and unique atmosphere« says Jette Gudiksen. »Recycling makes you happy. In this way, we help save resources here on Earth, - there is no Planet B«

Unique and modern Office Must-Haves

Old cinema benches and industrial lamps.