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Unique furniture, fun bibs and bobs and funky lamps. Here you will find things that are only found in very few copies.
So you need to be quick if you must own these rare One of a Kind products that can give your interior a uncommen and more personal expression.


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Watch the video below where Sandie takes you into our "One of a Kind" universe, filled with upcycled display cabinets, old gates and doors, beautiful old stairs and fun and unique knick-knacks.
As you all love this collection, we unfortunately cannot promise that the furniture in the video is still available, because there is only one of each product. What we can promise, is that we often get new shipments with these wonderful wonders full of patina and history.


NOrmal is boring

Original. Old. Unique.

Visit our 'One of a Kind' universe if you also love raw furniture and interior with lots of authentic patina! 

One of a kind

Stand out from the crowd

Do you want to go all-in on your personal style? Then our popular 'One of a Kind' category is a true eldorado and a bold choice.
Here you will find everything from the most beautiful cabinets to Tuk-Tuks, motorcycles and small wooden figures. They all have lots of authentic patina and tell a story.
Each item is carefully selected, and we guarantee that you will not find similar ones next door, as they are “one of a kind”.

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We have a knack for finding these "oldies but goodies" with authentic patina that tells a story with heart and soul.

— Annette Thorman, Owner of Trademark Living


Love raw patina?

Iron cabinets

Love the tough look an iron cabinet will give your decór?

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Gates & doors

With beautiful unique details and carvings.

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Vintage cabinets

With unique details and amazing functionality.
- and you get both the opportunity of convenient storage and a place where you can display your beautiful home accessories.

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