Handmade LED incandescent bulbs from Belgium

We absolutely love these vintage filament LED bulbs from the Belgian QALEDO Design. 

The LED bulbs are inspired by the sun's rays to reproduce every single moment of light from sunrise to sunset. The dimmer allows you to change the colour from a natural white (4000K) to a warmer white (2000K), similar to a candle, and allows you to set the right warmth and mood.

The LED bulbs are all produced by hand in crystal glass of the highest quality. Each lamp is therefore unique, as each bulb is handmade. The yellow filaments that light up, together with the dimmer, allow you to control these beautiful and unique LED bulbs. You can therefore create the perfect atmosphere in your shop, restaurant, meeting room or within the four walls of your own home.




Quality in every step

- Find your favourites among our special and beautiful LED bulbs and create a cosy atmosphere.



The beauty of the product is that Qaledo Design works with the material in its raw state. Like a diamond cut to make it shine, Qaledo Design designs LED bulbs with the same attention to detail. Every single LED bulb is carefully tested to ensure a durable and beautiful light that you can enjoy for a long time.


Emphasis is placed on all details throughout the entire production process. Every single glass is washed both inside and out. One by one, the glass beads are selected, and the LED bulbs are carefully inspected by technicians before use to ensure that there are no scratches, air bubbles or streaks. This means that you end up with a handmade LED bulb of the highest quality.



Lamps are some of the most important must-haves for your home! And the right LED bulb can really add the finishing touch.

Table lamps

That can brighten a special spot  in your decor or meet the desire for a soft  and cozy lighting in the room.

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Floor lamps

Suited for both the raw, the classic and the common decór.

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Pendant lamps

Simply the best when adding an atmosphere in any room. Here you will find pendant lamps in both a raw, classic or a more common design.

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