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Create a unique and cool decor and your very own style with our unconventional interior items.

Home accessories 

Visual eye-candy’s

A wide range of little treasures and bibs and bobs is also a part of our selection. They are visual eye candy often with a functionality, are easy to style and people simply love them, - it truly brings personality in the décor.

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We are quite simply in love with the old vintage style, one-of-a-kind products and the idea of giving old things new life.

— Annette Thorman, Owner of Trademark Living

Clothes rails and racks

Must be functional and practical, but we also have some with a cool expression. Buy now

Vases & bottles of recycled glass

Large and small - with the charm of simplicity. Buy now

Dishes & Bowls

Made of georgeous materials that gives your decór charm and soul. Buy now

Magazine holder

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Large and small - with the charm of simplicity. Buy now


With a cool expression. Buy now


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