How we did it

"That's it! That's exactly the café decor I've been dreaming of!" 

…is the reaction of the first meeting between Frederikke and Trademark Living, as she accidentally discovers the booth at Madværkstedet in Copenhagen.
That was the starting point for Frederikke Sommer to bring her thoughts and dreams to a unique café and lifestyle experience in reality with her husband, Allan Birk.

Two inspiring visits in the showroom
To fulfill the dream, they visit the 500 m2 showroom in Skanderborg, where they with the help of the interior consultant Sandie put a spin on ideas and created a fantastic décor solution.

After two visits to the showroom with subsequent deliveries, the absolutely perfect Café Allfred has been created. “It was really spot on - they just had everything I needed! There could be no other furniture” says Frederikke enthusiastically.

A good decorating process
"The whole process of Trademark Living has been fantastic - from Madværkstedet, to the showroom and the finished café," says Frederikke. »Everything has gone smoothly and Sandie is fantastic too! She is interested and could remember us from Madværkstedet as we came to visit the showroom in Skanderborg. She is present and asks about the project and takes our interior design dreams seriously."

A trendy café

The unique décor complements the concept

Café Allfred is a trendy lifestyle café with a unique concept. You can get coffee, cake, ice cream, delicious sandwiches and carefully selected wines. But also buy gift baskets, jewelry and fashion clothes. The whole thing is carefully selected and it is also reflected in the decor.
A raw console table with an old bicycle frame and a hook of an old bicycle handlebar is a good eye-catcher in the café and supports the funny story that the café was previously a bicycle shop.
The café is varied with high tables, low tables and lots of history and wall decoration.
Frederikke especially loves the One of a Kind products such as a fine old wooden cabinet and an old rustic barrel with a distinctive expression. It gives a very special soul and atmosphere to the decor.

Café Allfred is successful with its decor - which stands out
The café guests find it an experience to be in the café, and the atmosphere is perfectly supported by the unique decor.
“We stand out a lot from the other cafés in town. There are a lot of people who have had their socks knocked off after visiting the café. It's not a place you forget, and many customers ask if we want to open a café in their city" says Frederikke.
The fact that customers love the concept is confirmed by the fact that many gift cards are sold to the café, as many want to share this special experience with others.

A great desire for more space
"I would recommend Trademark Living to everyone" says Frederikke "I just wish we had more space.
If we had, we would also sell out of our decor. I have no numbers on how many customers who wants to buy Trademark Living furniture from the interior, so it must be the next step when we get it expanded ”Frederikke ends dreamily.

How to furnish a trendy café

Rustic café tables, white café chairs and industrial lamps.