Go from chaos to order with the decorative boxes and other wonderful storage options from Trademark Living.

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Decorative storage

Do you need an interior item that can keep track of your jewellery, keys, or other small things? With nice, small boxes, you get a little extra storage space for your things, while also getting a decorative piece of interior. Even if you don't have any small things that you need to keep track of, boxes in marble, wood, or metal look great in the cabinets or on the shelves.

Buckets for a little bit of everything

Just because something must be practical doesn't mean it has to be boring. The rustic iron buckets are a fantastic example of this. The raw buckets can be used for everything from storing cutlery, writing utensils, toothbrushes and as pots for herbs or small plants. The raw iron creates a cool contrast to the decor, especially if it is combined with more organic materials such as wood.