Create a cosy atmosphere with rugs and cushion covers that can instantly transform a room’s atmosphere. Rugs and cushion covers can breathe new life into your home; there’s no need to replace all your furniture. Plus, you can easily move your cushions and loose rugs around your home, refreshing your interior décor as the mood takes you. Suede and leather are natural, extremely durable products that fit very well into Nordic styling, adding an exclusive touch and a slightly more rustic look and feel to your home interior. 

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Cushion covers

These Trademark Living cushions radiate classic Scandinavian charm and will grace virtually any home. The cushions can refresh your sofa, but to us it’s just as important that they feel great as you sit or recline on them. These gorgeous cushion covers are made of deliciously soft suede with a matching canvas back to keep the cushion cover nicely taut. 

Cushion covers in an assortment of colours and shapes

The colours of the sofa cushions are understated, in subtle shades, so if you’re looking for a more minimalist, subdued accessory for your sofa or bed, these suede cushion covers are exactly right. They come in three sizes and three mutually complementary colours, so you can mix and match them as you like. 

Soft furnishings with so many possibilities

The cushion covers by Trademark Living are not only for the sofa. Refresh your favourite chair, or scatter cushions on your bed. Scatter cushions make your living space cosy and are fully in tune with Nordic interiors. Looking for super-comfy Danish design? These attractive cushion covers by Trademark Living are an obvious choice for your home.

Leather rugs

Leather is an obvious material for anyone who wants stylish but durable rugs. The simplicity of these rugs by Trademark Living can complement the rest of your décor. Rugs in natural colours, especially shades of beige, are perfect with industrial-style décor. Place the rug in the room where you think it fits best and play with colours and décor.

Upcycling that makes sense

These leather rugs by Trademark Living are sewn together from many leftovers from our supplier’s production of furniture. That way, as little of the leather as possible is wasted, in keeping with our spirit. It’s so exciting to think you can make a cool, raw, and durable rug out of production waste! If you, too, are conscious of the environment, here’s a wonderful way to upgrade your home interior with a rug that will last for years to come.

Décor with natural materials

If you want to be part of this year’s housing trend, you just must decorate with natural materials. Bring nature into your home in the form of furniture and interiors in natural shades. An extra beautiful thing about natural materials is that they can make colourful interiors appear elegant and be a subdued counterpart to a quirky sofa, for example.